A fan for all seasons

Well, Mr. Lung, it looks as though we have found another area in which we agree. However, I want to expand a little on your post and apply your thoughts on the Cub menace to a wider baseball underclass.

See, in the two plus years I’ve lived in New York, I have had the opportunity to see exactly one Yankees game. Now, this is not because I hate the Yankees (although I do) and it’s not because I don’t want to go (because I do). Basically, there’s a problem of supply and demand when it comes to the Evil Empire and that makes it impossible for a fan of the game to see that game played in the house that Ruth built. Instead, before the season even begins, the whole raft of tickets is bought out by corporate douchebags and trust fund teat ******* socialites.

I’m sure you see this all the time in Chicago. If you’re actually able to score a ticket on the North Side, the stadium is inevitably filled with suit-wearing, cell phone chatting i-bankers and this:

It’s the same in the Bronx and I dare say this same phenomenon is probably even showing up in places like your beloved St. Louis. The bandwagoneer has taken over and driven out the people who actually care.

Now, I should make an important point here. Even though I detest the Yankees, I do not detest all of their fans. People who appreciate the game but just happen to have the geographical misfortune of being born in the New York Metropolitan area or the North Side of Chicago should not have that held against them. However, when this true fan bring along his pink hat wearing girlfriend and she gets sloppy drunk by the third inning and starts hitting on the suit wearing cell phone talker, then we have a problem. Feel free to compare the functionality of your Blackberries. Just go over to the Cubbie Bear and do it where I don’t have to listen.


P.S. A little something to warm your heart:


  1. Matt

    Very well said. I can countenance a gal in a pink hat, if she’s in jeans and a T shirt, but Lady Cashmere must be stopped out front, right at the gate – and her husband’s season tickets revoked.

    I dont crash her dam* tea parties in my stained (but surprisingly versatile) athletic shorts.


  2. lung@fulbrightweb.org

    The OBAMASOX! Now that’s the TICKET!

    Hillary’s a Cubs fan anyway, now we know how the stars align.


  3. madhattr84@yahoo.com

    If I had to make a list of things that I hate in baseball, 2-10 would be Roger Clemens. Number one would be pink hats.

    I know of the evil of pink hats. Remember, I’m a Red Sox fan. Sometime around 2003, people started to think it was ok to wear pink sports merchandise in the great city of Boston. It’s not ok. Is it ok to paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa? Is it ok to graffiti-tag the Brooklyn Bridge? No. You’re defiling something beautiful. Sit down and shut up.

    The only good thing to come out of pink hats is the term “Pinkhat.” It’s come to mean anybody who speaks on something without the sufficient knowledge to do so. All these people who became Red Sox fans because 2004 “WAS SO MAGICAL!” Pop quiz, Johnny Come Lately: who was Spike Owen? Oh, wait, you don’t know? Get out of my sight before I do something truly biologically frightening to your hat.

    If I had my way, all these pink hat, bandwagon, CEO, espresso drinking, leaving in the seventh inning, frontrunning dingleberries should be loaded into a cattle car, which would then be set on fire and pushed off the Grand Canyon. Justice.

  4. Charlie

    Ugggggh…. don’t even get me started on bandwagon-ers.

    I dealy with them all through september and October in Denver, and all my friends who in years past had said “Rockies ****! Why do you where their hat?!”

    I wanted to say “Screw you!” but just shrugged and moved on, but now they all claim to be “Rockies fans”- at least until their next couple losing months.

    They are actually the reason i changed my 2nd favorite team, the Red Sox, to my 1st, so i wouldn’t have to deal with this **** again. In the days leading up to the World Series, i just couldn’t get my self to cheer for the Rockies, and HAD to go with my previos favorite team in the days before I went to 15+ games a year for the Rockies.

    I still have to deal with **** like that when I wear a Sox shirt, people saying “WHy the Red Sox?! Come on?!”

    I say back “Can’t i cheer for both of them? The won’t even play eachother for at least 7 months!” It’s not like i have a Yanks cap and a Sox shirt on or something.

    Bandwagon fans really ruin the experience for real fans. Grrr..


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