On an historic night that saw an unprecedented swing of political jockeying,nothing in the entire world was more shocking, more gutsy, more brilliant than Governor Mike
Huckabee. Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
Governor Huckabee did something tonight that he had never managed to before in
his entire 52 years of existence: he said something cool.

In a race that he never should have been in, touting crazy, wacky! ideas like pursuing Jesus as a
possible VP and convincing the late Oral Roberts to raise up from the grave to
handle directorial duties at the Office of Homeland Security, Governor Huckabee finally stood up and did the right
thing. He quit.

And though it came 6 months later than it should have, he followed his
resignation from the race with one of the greatest concession speeches
ever. He quoted George Brett:

Well, George Brett was one of the
greatest baseball players of all time. And in his career for the Kansas City Royals, he was asked, when he was nearing
the end of his career, how he wanted his last play in the major leagues to go.
Well, everyone assumed that he would say that he wanted to hit a grand slam in
the bottom of the ninth to win a game, perhaps even a World Series. He
surprised all of the sportswriters, because what he said was, "I want my
last play at bat to be that I hit an easy, just one bounce to the second
baseman, and they throw me out at first. But I was running as hard as I could
toward the bag when they got me."

And he said, "Because I want it
to be said of George Brett that, no matter what, he played his best game, he
gave it his best, all the way to the very end." And he certainly did just

I have to admit, that is a great story. Governor Huckabee’s use of it says great
things about George Brett—who everyone knows was a legendary ballplayer. The quote certainly was the shining star of Huckabee’s
political career so far. And like my
educated, level-headed contemporaries, I hope it is the last. But let us not be completely blinded by the
simple-mindedness of the far right. Let
us let them have this great baseball quoting moment, for it is a very rare
occasion when the Christian conservative movement resembles anything like
humanity…humans…from Earth.


George Brett was a paragon of the baseball working class.  He didn’t have the raw talent of an Alex
Rodriguez, the natural snap on a fastball like Nolan Ryan, the pure power of a
Babe Ruth. He didn’t have the luxury of
being pampered in Boston, New York, L.A.  He didn’t end up on the front page of the New
York Post every morning flashing Versace shades and a $500K Rolex. No. He ran out every
groundball, chased down every pop-fly foul-ball and knocked the catcher on his
tail at home plate.

He was heroic. Mythic. He was an all-too-often overlooked champion of what baseball was meant to be.

Governor Huckabee, it sure sounded cool and I give you mad props
for that, but dude, comparing yourself to George Brett is a huge stretch.


other news, John McCain gave his victory speech in front of a banner with
“1191” written on it. For those of you who didn’t understand what the number
meant to suggest, “1191” is the year that Senator McCain was born.

And a final note: is there anything cooler than John King’s ginormous
touch-screen computer on CNN’s Election Center? I wonder how much one of
those thingys costs…

Of course, please don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right…





  1. Matt

    John King’s thingy is the subject of much delight in our house. The way he swooshes wide electoral swathes through rural countryside with one talented finger evokes calligraphy – and puts the telestrators of John Madden and Hubie Brown to shame.

    The thingy has also spawned its own delicious language, ie “I’ll have this up in just a moment”, “Here’s what I really want to show you” and “This has a tendency to get stuck from time to time”.

  2. Jeffery

    Isn’t it just a great big iPhone? Who else has one of those? Did CNN cut a deal with Apple? I haven’t seen any shameless plus for them…


    what’s this hate me cause I’m right slogan I never hate u when u are right I just hate you when you don’t agree with Baba

  4. Brady

    Being from Arkansas, I know all about Huckabee. And this speech WAS cool. I was impressed. I’ve met Huckabee a lot of times, he even spoke at my brother’s high school graduation. But yes, he needed to quit way sooner…but I think he did this to set himself up for a future run at the presidency. It makes sense…
    But yes, George Brett quote was awesome.


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