I’m Jeff Lung and I Approve This Message


The whispers are getting louder regarding Tony LaRussa’s
controversial plan to have the pitcher bat eighth in the lineup.  The idea here is to generate more runs as well as more RBI opportunities for Albert Pujols.  Having first seen this implemented with some success
during the ’98 season and used sparingly last year, it appears that TLR will be
more stringent with his approach during the 2008 campaign.

Fear NOT Cardinal Nation! Though this teeters against the baseball machine of purism, I would like
to reassure you that this does indeed work. In fact, to prove it, for the last seven days
I have batted the pitcher in the eight-hole on my MLB 2K6 video game for the
Xbox and the following data has been collected for that stretch:

  • Record: 8 Wins, 0 Losses (had a doubleheader in one of them
    due to a previous rain-out in Cincinnati)

  • Ave. Runs per Game: 17

  • Total Runs Scored/Total Runs Against: 157-23

  • Albert Pujol’s HR total: 13

  • Pujol’s Total ABs with RISP: Every single time

So, clearly you can see that this is a valid baseball move,
just like the wheel play or the hit and run or the suicide squeeze.  Naysayers, shame on you.


And speaking of shame, it appears that the Evil Empire’s
immoral infrastructure has now reached the Governor’s office—well, at least the
man who works (soon-to-be-worked) in
said office. Talk about curveballs, holy geez, who ever saw them comin’!?!


Good Day, Gov’nuh!


Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right…







  1. mlung@hotmail.com

    who would have thought that the human mind could think of a pleasure activity such as a video game to verify a baseball strategy( I know thats spelled wrong but u get my meaning) Also about the GOV Ban him for life in the HALL OF FAME OF POLITICS. This certainly has to be much worse than Pete Rose Activities, and look what happened to him Just my opinion

  2. Chris

    If you want to add a YouTube video then all you have to do is, 1)Embed the video code from the video (which is located on the right hand side of the page) 2)Go to your blog and click Edit HTML and paste that code into there and then click save. Then it should come up. Try it and let me know. It will work.


    The Ultimate Baseball Collector


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