Fields of Dreams

It should be noted that although I love playing catch and had a pretty good season as the starting third baseman for the Zagat Survey softball team last year, I am not a very good baseball player. In fact, I stunk. I played some third base and a little left field and although I was a decent fielder, I couldn’t hit to save my life. I think I may have had a couple walks and a bloop single or two during my little league career but that was it. I think this is why two things struck me in the past week.

36720063Number one: Even though I hate the Yankees, a true fan getting the chance to play for his team, even if it’s a gimmick, is something I could only dream of. So, cheers to you Billy Crystal. Yeah, you may have struck out. Yeah, you may not have made a decent movie since City Slickers. And yes, you may be supporting the Evil Empire (NYY not HRC). But, you’re a fan and you got to live out every fan’s dream. I can’t hate you for that.

N116702353_30664147_9714_1The second story warms my heart to the cockles because it comes from the team I love. Again, yeah, I know he didn’t make it and maybe it was just a blogger gimmick. But still, trying out for a Tiger’s minor league affiliate is pretty outstanding. The best part about this story is how out of place this guy looks but how he makes the best of it anyway. Kyle, you’re an inspiration to us all.

So, that’s what I have to say. On a side note, how do you think Haiti is this time of year?




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