Flip-Flopping on Opening Day

Congratulations, Al, on your new affiliation with the Washington Nationals.  Excuse me while I puke.

“The wonderful part about getting to watch the Nats all season long is that they could send a team to the playoffs…”

— Allen Krause

Seriously?  Look, Al, I’m not going to ridicule you for your
support of a National League team.  That’s perfectly
understandable.  And I’m not going to ridicule you for your
passing on Baltimore.  But I am going to ridicule you for your
reasoning because if you think that the Nats have even a smidgeon of a
chance in a division stacked with the Mets, Phillies and Braves then
you have much bigger problems — problems involving your brain or, more appropriately, the lack


But before I get too angry or too possessed by the strong emotions that
tend to separate me from reality — I must remind myself that this
proclamation that the Nats “could send a team to the playoffs” is
coming from the same guy who, while living in the Chi, wore a Cubs hat
and tooted around town wooing with Wrigley Ronnie Woo Woo on his arm.

So sure.  I get it.  Living in a new city you feel a little
displaced.  You are looking for a new social network — a venue
for communitas.  No shame in that.  So you do what feels
comfortable.  You align yourself with losers who perennialy get
their hopes up only to be let down in every single way possible, only
this time they wear a “W” on their hats instead of a “C”.

I totally get it.

At least your silence tells me you heartily agree with my assessment of your inappropriate Filibuster question.  And your acceptance of disloyalty towards the man who once pitched your team to a World Championship.  I know.  I know.  Your welcome for my thoughts.

In keeping with such exactitude, I have to say that TLR saw his club get off to a good start today; unfortunately, rain wouldn’t allow it
to last long.  Such was the case in many cities this day. 
No, there weren’t any snow-outs this year, but Allen, your dream of an
Opening Day sans the Yankees came true.  Don’t get used to
paradise.  They play tomorrow.

And I guess I won’t bring up that colossal letdown loss the Tigers took against the mighty Royals today.  Gil Meche what!?!  Tigers got Danza-slapped
Okay, I will admit, I did get a little mancrush on Cabrera when he hit
that longball; but all in all I found it quite sad that all of those
white suburbanites immediately went back to buzzing about post-season
hockey when the final score was in. 

Nah, don’t worry about it, Al.  It’s a long season…and besides, you’re a Nats fan now, so your season will be that much longer.

Seriously, don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




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