The Filibuster

The buzz during opening week revolved around the Tigers’ abysmal start, the Royals’ surprising young talent, the late inning heroics of the Nationals and Pirates and Dodgers, clutch pitching performances in St. Louis and Cincinnati, key injuries in the NL East and business as usual in the AL East.  With these early season surprises and subsequent hype, which MLB division is the strongest, most competitive, must-watch division overall this year?



Well, since I’ve been so busy watching American Idol and trying to save the world, I haven’t had much of a chance to follow all these story lines. And honestly, who cares about the National League? Small ball and pitchers who bat? Sounds like gay porn to me. So, I guess I’ll talk about the only thing I might know something about. No, not US foreign policy since the time of Jefferson. The AL Central.

I will say it now and I will continue to say it all year long. The AL Central is the division to watch this season. The Tigers, once they figure out how to win a game, are going to be unstoppable. The Tribe is ready to go once again. The White Sox are a much improved team since last year. The Twins always find a way to keep themselves in the race. And even KC is looking like they might have a better run in the spoiler role. So, once you take a look around the MLB universe and realize how many bad teams there are in the other divisions, you have to be excited about the AL Central. There isn’t a true dud in the bunch and this thing could be a legitimate 4 team race right down to the wire.

I should put in a plug here for my dislike of the AL East and my hope that all of its teams fall off the face of the earth. Well, Toronto can stick around because I’d hate to disparage our Canadian friends. And I’d like to catch a game at Camden this season so I guess the O’s are safe, too. However, the Rays, Red Stockings and Evil Empire can all just disappear and the world would be a better place. This is a division so narcissistic that a news frenzy has emerged from the hawk attack on Alexa Rodriguez at Fenway this past week. Really? The enmity between these two teams is so great that even the animal kingdom has picked sides? Perhaps this also explains why a ray attacked and killed Steve Irwin last year. It was just pissed because it thought he was a Yankees fan. Seriously, y’all need to get over yourselves. Real baseball happens in the fly-over states and that’s where my attention will be all season long. When I’m not out saving the world, of course.




  1. ikecards

    First of all, you do know that no team has ever lost 4 straight and made the playoffs right? And the Tigers have now lost 6 straight.

    Second of all, while I share your dislike for the Yankees and Red Sox, how can you hate the Rays? How is it possible to hate a team that always finishes dead last? Personally, I like the Blue Jays, Orioles and Rays all three. Why? Because if anyone’s going to keep the Yankees and Red Sox out of the postseason, it’s going to have to be those three teams.

    Thirdly, your off-handed dismissal of the National League shows how little you know about the way baseball is supposed to be played. Pitchers are supposed to bat. The DH is abominable and should be outlawed.

    Fourthly, the Cardinals are 5-1 and could easily be 6-0, and their starting pitching so far has been fantastic. Which doesn’t really relate to anything you said, but I just had to throw that in there.


    I heard Steinbrenner has contacted J. K. Rowling in order to find out how to hire Dementors to patrol Yankee Stadium during home games and search for Red Sox fans…….

  3. redstatebluestate

    I agree with you, Tim and I’m going to reiterate those points in my rebuttal. Again, Allen has managed to bite the hand that feeds him.

    Kyle Loshe hasn’t allowed a run this season.

    Jason Grilli’s ERA is 20.25.

    Boo ya!

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