In Memoriam

Friends.We gather here today to mourn the passing of two spirits who never had a chance. But, although they might be gone, their memories will live on in all of us.

The Hopes of the 2008 Detroit Tigers
jason.grilli.jpgIt’s always sad to see a flame snuffed out before it truly had a chance to flourish. However, the once brilliant blaze that was the hopes for the Detroit Tigers appears to have flickered out. Now, please don’t misunderstand me here. Despite the apparent lack of life that characterizes the Tigers at this point, I still refuse to accept their demise. I mean, people come back from the dead all the time in the movies (although usually they’re either zombies, vampires or part of some secret plan that involves injecting them with a serum so they appear lifeless and an evil scientist comes by during the night to squirrel the corpse away to a secret hideout at which point he reanimates them). I mean, anything is possible.

But, if we go merely by appearances, one would have to believe that the injection of fresh talent and the millions of dollars spent on creating a colossus to deal with the Yankees and Red Sox of the world was merely a horribly informed experiment. And so we grieve but yet we hope. I mean, 2-9 is better then 0-11, right? Right? Someone? Anyone?

The Humility of Jeffery Lung
Jeff_seatbelt.JPGHowever, it is our second spirit for whom I mourn the most. Ladies and gentlemen, when humility dies, we all suffer. And today we suffer immeasurably. I still remember the young man who came to me with an idea for a blog and the dreams we both had for where it would go. I remember that he promised to remain a man of the people. And I remember the day this all died. Ah, Jeffery. You were so young. It didn’t have to be this way. But here we are and this is how it goes.

So, as we remember Mr. Lung’s humility, fickle spirit that it may have been, and the hopes of the Detroit Tigers, as promising as they may have been, we leave them here and hope to see them again one day on the other side. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.





    Jeff era un hombre humilde y noble que se levantó a la fama a través de su ” del blog de MLB; Azul rojo State” del estado;. Una vez que él alcanzó sus metas de la dominación del blog, él cambió a un hombre poseído con su nueva energía. Gracias Allen por traer a la luz la muerte de la humildad de Jeff. Debemos quizá toda la reunión para una intervención con Jeff.

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