Zito Happens, The Evolution of Hillary, Cards  Roll

Zito Happens

zito.jpgI sure hope that Hilary Duff hookup back in February 2007 was worth it for Barry Zito because he hasn’t been the same pitcher since.  While most people would like to point out his faulty mechanics and the pressure to perform after landing a fat paycheck as the reasons for his meltdown, I know better.  It’s the ladies.  They can be nagging after all, and if you have to go home to someone who is way more successful than you are — a hottie who played a girl named McGuire (wink, wink at the Bay love connection) — it’s easy to see how difficult it could be to throw strikes. 

In the second inning of today’s loss against the Diamondbacks, Zito couldn’t find the strikezone with a Sherman tank full of maps.  He walked the bases loaded and on a 2-0 count to the until-then hitless pitcher, Brandon Webb, he threw a fastball and gave up a two run single.

As a friend (a Giants fan no less) recently told me: “Zito Happens.”

The Evolution of Hillary

As much as Obama tries to make this about the issues, Hillary just can’t let go of the “same old politics” and she is embarrassing me as member of the Democratic Party.  In tonight’s debate, she said:

“I may be a lot of things, but I’m not dumb.”

Well I’m not dumb either, Hillary, and I think it’s pretty clear what path we U.S. Americans would be taking if you become our Democratic nominee:


Cards Roll

Again, no one is talking about the Cardinals.  Tied with the Dbacks for the best record in baseball at 11-4, the Redbirds are winning and they’re doing it with pitching and clutch hitting.  I understand that the media feels that, on paper, the Cardinals shouldn’t be in the mix come September.  All I ask is, why not?  The game is played on the field and the St. Louis pitching staff has been giving everyone fits this season.  They’re making quality starts, getting strong relief from the talented bullpen and they’re confident.  At the plate, guys are working deep into counts with patience; they’re spoiling pitches.  New fixtures like Schumaker, Duncan, and Ankiel are getting key hits, especially with two outs.  The silent treatment from the media is nothing new, but it never gets easier to accept.  If they were the New York Cardinals or the L.A. Redbirds of Orange County I’m sure we would be sick of them by now — as I am already with the Yankees/Red Sox series. 

Like some old guy at the bus stop tells himself out loud every morning (as if I’m not standing next to him), “Actions speak louder than words.”  I think he thinks he made that up.  In any case, he’s right…

…and so am I, so don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right. 



P.S.  Where the hell is Allen?  The Hockeytown Tigers have won three in a row and he’s still hiding in shame for not supporting Jack Morris’ HOF bid.  What a loser.



  1. tim.davis5@us.army.mil

    I am not going to pick on Allen this time, mainly because he is out saving the world and if I am really nice to him, maybe he will get me a kicka$$ job after I get out of the military.

    However, I do agree with you about the lack of love heading towards the Nellyville area. On paper, we should be towards the bottom of the barrel. However, paper statistics do not take into account the many other factors that go into a good ballclub. Ankiel, last night, completed a 17 pitch count from Villanueva and got a walk. He hit off 11 or 12 foul balls in order to get his walk. That is the kind of maturity that I am enjoying from him and the other young OFs. He isn’t going up there and either hitting a home run or striking out. Word!

  2. redstatebluestate

    Good point, Tim. I watched that at bat and Ankiel was spoiling good pitch after good pitch. He looked determined too, finally taking a walk. I’m really impressed with his patience. Villanueva threw 30+ pitches in the first inning. Hard to come back from that tiring effort.


  3. montypaintball@gmail.com

    I agree with you guys and i personally am a big cardinals fan. I am sick and tired of hearing like about NY and BOSTON like you mentioned. Especially since the majority of that fan base is nothing but front runners and people that jumped on the bandwagon when Boston won the world series in 04. I just recently moved to miami and still in a city where Dolphin Stadium is 20 minutes away and no one knows anything about Boston or the Red Sox, i see nothing Red Sox “fans” and Yankee “fans”. And the sad parts is i went into BC collectables sports store at the mall and there is more Yankees Red Sox merchandise then there is Florida Marlins stuff. The media must be “blind” especially ESPN and it’s counterparts.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Thanks for stopping by, montypaintball. I feel sorry for Marlin fans (all five of them). Drop in anytime as we’re always Yankee bashing, Cub bashing, acting goofy and saying what’s on our minds — those of us who have them. (btw, my counterpart, Allen Krause, is a REAL person, I swear… he just disappears from time to time as he works for the US GOVT. Very secretive fella).


  5. PAUL

    I’d be amazed if Zito was listening to any of his chicks’ yapping anyway. He’s a good looking, quirky guy so I don’t think he’d be having trouble no matter what he did for a living. The difference is that the pretty girls he gets now are famous.

  6. xelasalex@yahoo.com

    Ah, the misogyny is so refreshing.

    I’ve been feeling badly for Zito. He’s obviously frustrated at his own poor performance. I’ve never gotten the impression he’s a slacker, and I’m fairly certain *he’s* not blaming anyone but himself.

    But when the chips are down, everyone, let’s blame women.

    You people suck.

  7. redstatebluestate

    I think you’ve really got something there, xelasalex. Yes, we do suck. If we didn’t, we’d be employed by MLB not just freelancing and putting our lives on the line. We’re not ashamed of it. Thanks for stopping by though. Always glad to meet new people.


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