What’s the Matter with Missouri

Why does nobody talk about the Cardinals? Three words and an abbreviation: St. Louis doesn’t matter. Missouri doesn’t matter. That’s why KC was only mentioned when they beat the Tigers and no one cares anymore. I’m sorry Jeffery, it’s just the truth. And trust me, I feel your pain. Until the Tigers started paying like the Yankees, we were in the same boat. I think you and I were the only people in the U.S. watching the 2006 World Series.

But, now, we’re on the map and not necessarily in a good way. When you pay like the Yankees, you’re expected to play like the Yankees. And, although the Tigers have won three straight and finally started scoring runs like they were supposed to, there’s a long ways to go before they’re at the level where we expect them to be. But that’s the great thing about being a Cardinals fan. No one has any expectations for the Cards so if they do well, great. However, the fact remains, no one cares.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the Cards will continue to pitch well and come up with timely hitting. And monkeys might fly out of my butt. I’m just saying.

But, I’m happy for you. It’s nice to have a little ray of sunshine in the otherwise bleak lives of the denizens of the flyover states. So, enjoy it. Eat it up. Because, once Pujols hits his slump and Wainwright sees his ERA start climbing, it’s over. But don’t worry. ESPN won’t notice that either. That’s the beauty of no one caring.




  1. redstatebluestate

    For the record, I hate Allen ;-)P

    Tigers’ woes? Millen-mania? Disenfranchising voters? The city of Flint? Sounds like Michigan has more problems.


  2. tim.davis5@us.army.mil

    Ouch Allen. That one is still stinging as I write this comment. It hurts about as much as Verlanders 3 losses and 7.03 ERA. I think as the season goes on, ESPN comes on board and the ESPN bandwagoners join in, people will care. The fact remains that St. Louis is rich in history and tradition and there are a handful of teams that can claim that at this point in time. The Detroit Redwings, sorry, Tigers will probably make the playoffs, however so will the Cardinals. Maybe we will meet again in the ’08 World Series. Most definately with the same result. It was nice to hear from you Allen, keep it coming.

  3. mlung@hotmail.com

    Allen, I was going to comment about you finally stepping up to the plate and helping with this blog, instead of making Jeff do all the the work. But what kind of driviling nonsense is this about no one caring about Missouri. Has the Washington cloud started coming over your head already. Have the politics shrunk your brain so much that you can’t see reality, That state certainly has had more winners than The Land of the Lakes Michigan. So look over the facts again and acknowledge your misinformed thinking

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