West Virginia Speaks, No One Cares

West Virginians had their say Tuesday
evening and it’s no surprise that they chose the pushover wife of a dressed-up manwhore
But unless you’re a West Virginian named Booker T. Washington or Jerry West you
don’t have much of an audience.  So in the end, this sad state of affairs
is just that: a sad state of affairs.  Whether it be between brothers and
sisters, cousins and cousins or fathers and daughters, it’s just sad. 

What’s even more sad is that the entire spectacle of the West
Virginia primary (though theoretically proper and just in promoting
democracy) was really just a waste of time.  Nothing will change by way of
the presumptive nominee except that he will be labeled as
“presumptive” for yet another stretch of precious time.  Kudos
to the Clinton campaign for being
steadfast in its savagery.

But we’re US Americans
and every state’s vote should count — unless, of course, you’re a
Republican, in which case your decision was made for you by the 20+ states that
voted before it was your turn.  Is there really any question why West
Virginian officials stage their primary as late as they do?  Perhaps they know
what we’re all thinking and are doing us a favor by voting so late,
when no one cares.

Except that this year, the media (and the GOP) would like us to think that
people should care because the race is so close.  Well, it’s not
that close.  She can’t win.  This is just another angle she is using
to squeeze her way onto the ticket somehow, some way, any way.

And we’re made to suffer through it.  Like Kansas City Royals fans who
hopelessly invest their emotions in a team that is determined to lose, Clinton
supporters know they haven’t a chance in the free world; but glimmers of
sunshine (Brian Bannister’s first three starts) and glimpses of brilliance (Zach
Greinke’s ERA
) always seem to block out the fact that they’re always
playing against a much tougher opponent.  Without money and sound
management, there is just no friggin’ way the tumultuous season will ever end
in Ultimate Victory — ever.

If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask these upstanding West
what they think?


Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




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