The Obamacon Debate; Crosstown Rival Debate

Some important person said it first: “You can’t have it both ways — unless you’re Jenna Jameson or Joan Baez.” 

This is why I don’t buy the “Obamacon” phenomenon* for one second.  You either are or you aren’t for the Dems, the Libs, the Leftists.  And I can’t think of a more left-of-the-line candidate than Barack Obama right now.  If these so-called conservatives are bending the other way, then they’re hardly conservatives, right?  What’s next?  Coulterlibs?  O’Reillylefts?  McCainocrats?

Spare me.

For the same reason, as we embark on the second and final leg of the Windy City (Crosstown) Classic, it is not only outright blasphemy to root for both the Sox and the Cubs, it’s downright wrong.  This city (Chicago) buzzes with excitement for this series, the season, the playoffs… any little hint that the two would ever face off in the greatest sports finale known to man.  Hearing clueless, passive ‘fans’ interviewed by WGN saying things like “I hope they both win” or “I like the Sox in the AL, the Cubs in the NL” make me want to staple my scr0tum to a piece of plywood hitched to a herd of buffalo racing down Lower Wacker Drive. 

So excuse me while I puke. (wretch)

One cannot root for both teams and have any inkling of self-respect.  If anything, such people and their outlandish remarks/worldviews only prove their absolute ignorance — not only their ignorance of the game itself, but more importantly, their ignorance of the deep-rooted identities and histories of these two storied franchises. 

obamasox2.jpgYou can choose a side, but you can’t be for both. 

You have one vote and one vote only.

You only have one opportunity to make the right (or left) decision.

So there.  Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right, Colin Powell.



*I stole this fun word combo from the good folks at CNN.  Thanks, WOLFIE!



  1. rmutt4m

    Actually I have a saying: I’m so far left I’m right. Or, to improve on the great Pete Townsend lyric, “The party on the left, is not departing on the right”.

    I think there is an interesting realignment and redefinition going on. “Liberal” and “conservative” are not what they used to be. I would be labeled, not inaccurately, a conservative (although I can’t stomach O’Reilly, much less Coulter), yet I find Obama not so terribly far from my views on many issues.

    As the would have said in my generation, The times they are a’changing.

    Michael Norton
    Some Clubhouse

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