Number Five!

MLBlogosphere came out with their latest power rankings featuring the top ten most popular blogs from  On behalf of everyone here at RSBS (myself included along with just Allen), I would like to thank the fans, the lawyers, the paparazzi, and all five members of NKOTB for their undying support and unfathomable loyalty to the staunch wordy baseball-politico diatribes presented here.  With the help of a seriously disenfranchised Brit, you US Americans have put Red State Blue State over the hump and made us the fifth most popular fan blog in all of MLB.comLand!

While we’re happy to be honored so, we were hoping you, dear reader, could pick up the slack a little and make us number one.  I mean, what is fifth place really?  The fourth loser?  

If we have to, Allen has agreed to sell his body (frail and pasty as it is) to anyone who can generate hits on our site at nothing less than light speed.  I would provide the sedatives to any willing participant as well as a package deal including up to at least three years of therapy. 

albert-pujols-5.jpgIn the meantime, I guess number five ain’t so bad.  If it’s good enough for A.P., it’s good enough for me.  And A.P.’s pretty damn good…

In recognizing this and celebrating the fact that bipartisan blogging can actually turn out a modicum of success, I leave you, dear readers, with the gift of a fascinating video that I have yet to understand.  Since the last post was about injuries and their affects on the game, I thought this might be a fitting tribute to staying healthy — on and off the field, computer, wherever you might spend your time… for me that would be in a bar. 

Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. redstatebluestate

    As long as we stay away from Sparks Steak House, I’m in, Paul. La Cosa Nostra!



    You two are such a big deal now. I bet your rooms are filled with many leather bound books and smell of rich mohoghany. Congrats to the both of you…

  3. redstatebluestate

    Hiya, Tim. Nice to see you back. We’ve missed you and your Cub-hatin’ antics. We need strong supporters like yourself to voice your opinion here at RSBS since Allen has taken another long long long sabbatical from doing… well, anything.


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