Corey’s Kid’s Hart-Attack

I was happy to see Corey Hart selected, by the fans, as the final addition to the 2008 National League All-Star team.  With a line like his, he definitely deserved it.  And yes, I believe it certainly called for a celebration, even if it required some adult beverages. 

However, with his baby girl sitting quietly on his lap — behaving like the quintessential angel child all parents dream about — I’m not so sure the sophomoric antics of a surprise beer bath for Hart and child, acted out by his fellow teammates, was in any way necessary.  The majority of news reports aired this morning in regards to the incident found the whole ordeal of drenching an innocent child in beer to be quite hilarious.

It kind of was.

But let me just remind everyone that if that child had been a poodle, PETA and several other special interest groups would have been all over the Brewers organization, players and staff.  Thank the gods Corey doesn’t have a poodle and thank the gods there is no organization who finds pouring beer on kids unacceptable.

I guess there’s a reason why they’re called the Brewers.  I’m just thankful they’re not called the Milwaukee Methamphetamine Manufacturers.

That would be bad. 

And you know it, so don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





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