The Elegantly Exquisite and Ever Erudite Erin Andrews: A True RSBS All-Star

erin andrews 3.jpgVerily!  Since its inception, Red State Blue State has been forum to many a heated debate.  From the heresies righted by yours truly against my opponent, Mr. Krause, on issues concerning the Designated Hitter, hitting .400, Jack Morris’ deservedness of Hall of Fame entry, the Catch, corpulence among baseball’s elite and much, much more, RSBS has truly become the place to explore the enigmatic themes of the grandest game on earth. 

erin andrews 2.jpgThis being said, so far no debate has been more staunch in its lopsidedness, more steadfast in its teeterings toward me, more defended by myriad dear readers than that regarding the absolute hotness of one Erin Andrews — sexiest sportscaster alive.  While Mr. Krause’s blind sensibilities regarding what makes a woman indelibly beautiful were paramount to his barrage of misjudgments and errant lack of critical thinking skills, I — and the RSBS public — will still probably never be able to forgive him for his blasphemy nor forget the stain that he put on this otherwise delightfully informative weblog.

So having sated my need to defend Ms. Andrews one more time against the tyranny known as Allen Krause’s opinion, it is with great pleasure that I once again reflect, recognize and deem her the 2008 RSBS All-Star of the first half.  My mere attraction to Ms. Andrews is testament to her universal hotness, for she isn’t even my type.  She’s tall, she’s blonde, she has a mannish voice and she may very well know more about sports than I do.

erin andrews.jpgBut she’s Erin.  She’s Erin Andrews — the Aphrodite of sportscasting, the Venus of sideline reporting, the spark in my plug.  She’s hot.  She’s sexy.  She’s hip.

And there is absolutely no way around it.

So don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right… especially you, Al.






  1. PAUL

    A bit of advice: Chicks like guys who are smart (so I’ve been told), so Fulbright scholars should have a legit shot; but they don’t like stalkers unless they’re EXTREMELY wealthy (again, so I’ve been told). Some balance would enhance your chances with Erin, I think. A restraining order is probably gonna be a deal-breaker.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Does this post come off as ‘stalking’? I can see how it might but that wasn’t my intention. Consider it more like appreciating the essence of Erin — consider it an ode. Of all the things I’ve called Allen out on this year, so far this is the one that has infuriated me the most, so I thought I’d reiterate my stance. What was up with the bellybutton high skirt though at the HRD? Thanks for the link, Mark.


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