Countdown to Incompetence

mozeliak_2.jpgThe July 31st trade deadline isn’t getting any further away yet the St. Louis Cardinals front office, led by GM John Mozeliak, seems content with not trying to get better for a possible playoff push.  Apparently, Mozeliak, who is beginning to remind us of a certain head of state stubborn enough to believe his own methods of irresponsibility and subtle lunacy will actually work despite the entire planet’s discouragement, is quite okay with sitting back and letting fate (or the lack thereof) decide the ballclub’s competitive future.

In case you weren’t watching that god-awful series against the Brewers last week, Mr. Mozeliak, the Cardinals desperately need bullpen reinforcements.  DESPERATELY.  Pull the trigger.  Go out and get a guy who can hold a lead in the late innings.  Do something — anything — that will prove to Cardinals fans that you actually care.  We US Americans can no longer accept the fact that the Cubs, Brewers, Yankees, even the Astros, are spending a little bit of money, going out and getting all the pieces they need to make it to the post season.

And now that Izzy has been given the closer duties — again — our best bet is to have at least a 9-run lead going into the final innings of the game.  The Cardinals bullpen has already given me a serious heart condition and as I have said before, watching them in save situations makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

How uncomfortable?

As uncomfortable as you’ll feel watching this:

Yes, that really happened. 

Yes, Corey Feldman really takes himself seriously. 

And yes, it’s hard to feel more uncomfortable than that… though the Cardinals brass, with their non-existent attempts at making a deal, are trying their very hardest to best it.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. neal07

    Huuuhhh! God! I had to stop that video after like thirty seconds. How did you tolerate having that on your computer?

  2. redstatebluestate

    To be honest, I got good and loaded before I embedded the code for that vid. It’s the only way. Believe me, if the Cards continue to do nothing to get bullpen help, I’ll have to post even more ridiculous videos.

  3. redstatebluestate

    I’m afriad, Steve, that my addiction for YouTube is as incurable as STL’s complacency.


    I feel your pain with the lack of urgency in our new GM. If we had a good closer/bullpen, we would be amazing right now. We have blown far too many games this year. Percival would have been a nice player to have, however we let him go this past off season and now he is pitching very well as the Rays closer. If the GM sits on his *ss this year, he better sign F-ROD during free agency. That is the only way I will not start a John Mozeliak voodoo doll this off season!!!

  5. PAUL

    The thing I’d be most concerned with is that I’d bet that La Russa was given promises when he re-upped that if the team was in contention, some money would be spent to improve, but they’re just sort of ignoring their needs and treating La Russa like a master chef and giving him a bunch of ingredients they found in 7-Eleven with one serving of foie gras (that would be Albert Pujols) and saying “plan a fancy dinner party; NOW!!!!” and he’s done an amazing job so far, but there are limits when the Brewers are getting C.C. Sabathia and the Cubs are getting Rich Harden (even though I still think he’s gonna get hurt, at least they made a move). It reminds me of Lou Piniella when he had the Devil Rays surprisingly well (even to the ownership) and asked for the promises of increased payroll to be fulfilled and they turned around and got him…Randall Simon. If they’re not careful, La Russa may want to end his career elsewhere where he doesn’t have to work as hard and a team that will spend some money; with the job he’s done this year and the championship from two years ago, his genius is pretty much cemented and he doesn’t need to be openly lied to and humored to keep him quiet at age 64.
    RE Corey Feldman: Never mind any of the other stuff from The Two Coreys, the most fascinating thing to me (and yes, I’m embarrassed to say I watch it as well) is that he has what’s referred to as “FELDMAN SECURITY”. What are they securing him from exactly?

  6. redstatebluestate

    Tim, I’d take a bum Percy any day over Izzy/Franklin.

    Paul, you make a lot of good points here. Randall Simon. I
    forgot about that blockbuster move. You’re right though
    about TLR. He almost didn’t come back this year. Not sure
    how long he can withstand this complacent front office in
    the future. As for Corey, he has a “Security Team” to
    secure him from… the horrors of himself. Check out the
    latest post and you’ll see why.


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