Trading Deadline Blues

Farnsworth for Pudge? You’ve got to be kidding me. Although maybe the Tigers know something I don’t. I mean, that Jeff Weaver trade didn’t turn out so bad considering he totally tanked with the Yankees. But Farnsworth? When I was living in Chicago I used to watch him throwing BP. The only problem was that it was during the 7th inning of close games and that’s not a good time to be giving up round-trippers. But, maybe Dombrowski is ahead of the curve. Maybe he wants to put together a stable of the hardest throwing guys in the Major Leagues. But Farnsworth? Farnsworth is to baseball what this kid is to basketball:


What is it about the trading deadline that makes people crazy? Griffey is probably heading to the White Sox, Texeira is now an Angel, Manny might be a Marlin and Pudge will be wearing pinstripes. Everyone is making deals. Well, except for the Cardinals, of course. Sorry about that one, buddy. Maybe they’ll do something in the offseason and have a chance next year.

But I’d still rather my team did nothing than have to support a team that trades away an All-Star for a bad punchline. Yeah, Pudge is getting old and yeah, Pudge doesn’t hit like he did when he was on the juice. But Farnsworth? I just can’t accept this. The only way it could be worse is if I find out that he’s also a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Rocket_Ismail.jpgSpeaking of which, there is one other specter that haunts me that Mr. Lung forgot to mention. And no, I don’t mean Arlen Specter although he is old and old people generally scare me. I mean another former Fighting Irish who still runs through my dreams. And runs is definitely the correct word since I’m talking about “Rocket” Raghib Ismail. Man, that guy caused as much heartburn in Michigan as the Big Three’s ongoing inability to make a profit. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was glad to see him go.

Anyway, I guess I should let this all go and just accept that Farnsworth is on the team through the end of the season. Maybe he’ll be great. And maybe Fernando Rodney won’t blow any more saves. And maybe Hillary will still get the nomination. Thank god I’ll only have to live with two out of those three things. And I can still go to my happy place.




  1. flairforthedramatic

    lol, the farnsworth trade caught me by surprise too. i was thinking: we got pudge for farns? weird. seems cashman likes committing theft.
    and wooow, that video was hilarious.
    manny winded up being traded to the dodgers and will now be managed by joe torre… how’s that for irony.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Definitely irony there. That was the first thing I thought about when I heard the deal went down. How’s it feel to have a GM willing to go out and make the deals needed to win? Wish I knew how that was… if only Jocketty were around the clubhouse again. *boo hoo* That vid? That was Allen when he was a kid. Good moves, eh?

  3. redstatebluestate

    Russel — On the one hand, that Cardinal fan is right… if the desire to go to the playoffs and win this year isn’t important. On the other hands.. we have a lot of young talent at all levels. I think one or two prospects would be worth getting a guy who can throw a little better than my kid sister coming out of the bullpen, which would then give us a legitimate shot at playing in October. (My kid sister throws a wicked knuckleball)

  4. neal07

    hah. nice video. That’s hilarious. Pudge-Farns: The Yankee bargain of the year? FYI to Jeff: I answered your question on my blog.

  5. neal07

    Just the mention of Jeff Weaver sets off this joke in my head: How do you spell Javier Vazquez in English? J-E-F-F-W-E-A-V-E-R. We Yankee fans can be pretty harsh sometimes, but how would you feel if you had to endure years of Kevin Brown, Jaret Wright, Weaver, Roger Clemens (I only mean last year), Jose Contreras, LaTroy Hawkins, Kei Igawa, Randy Johnson (5.01 ERA), Al Leiter, Jon Lieber, Esteban Loaiza, Carl Pavano, Sidney Ponson (Still in the rotation???), Tanyon Sturtze, Vazquez, Ron Villone, and David Wells? I’m prone to go on rants such as this one after big, dumb losses. Come to think of it, this comment had nearly nothing to do with the post. Just needed to blow off a little steam.

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