My Estate Is In Order

Those of you who know me personally know that my obsessive-compulsive disorder has no boundaries.  You know that I am a stickler for preparation, execution, reflection.

Today, as I prepare to make my way up to the North Side to watch the Cardinals battle the Cubs, I realize that this could be the end.  I’m not hoping for it; but I am prepared for it.

So, if the Cub fans really do make good on their threats to my livelihood, I have prepared the following:

Arizona via Slough, you can have my collection of Allison Stokke pictures.

Prince of New York, you can have my first edition copy of Moneyball and my Jay Mariotti signed photograph of Ozzie Guillen kissing some random guy.  

Flair for the Dramatic, you can have what’s left in my bank account, which you should then donate to the Yankees, because everyone knows the Yankees are hurting for cash.

Some Clubhouse, you can have my thoughts that I scribble on the little notebook I carry with me everywhere.  You might find something interesting to stretch your think-tank.

And of course, you, dear readers, get to have this:

You, I, We will always have that.  Always.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



**Allen Krause gets nothing**



  1. redstatebluestate

    V — Come on, give me a little credit. I have more than $200… I have like $234.43.
    Russell — No, it’s not wrong… but, I survived and have a “W” to show for it!

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