The Crying Game

Dear readers, I may not be a religious man (unless you call screaming “goddamn it!” at the television every time Tony LaRussa goes to the bullpen being religious); but I do believe that the world has a certain order to it — a general plan of well-being that should never be tampered with or questioned.  I may not like it, but in the grand scheme of things, there’s a reason why the Redbirds didn’t make any moves at the trade deadline.  There’s a reason why Kenny Williams kept Juan Uribe on the Southside.  There’s a reason why my counterpart, Allen Krause, is a bit delusional in his posts. 

Knowing this, I know I shall not dare test the waters of fate.

howard.wolfson.jpgSo that is why I’d like to offer Hillary Clinton Campaign Communications Director Howard Wolfson a great big RSBS “EAT IT! for his crybaby rumblings of heretical hindsight and coulda-shoulda-woulda politics. 

After Senator John Edwards’ extramarital affair became public late last week, Wolfson offered this statement:

“I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee [had Edwards’ affair been public at the time]…Our voters and Edwards’ voters were the same people… They were older, pro-union. Not all, but maybe two-thirds of them would have been for us and we would have barely beaten Obama.”

crybaby.jpgSure, Wolfie.  Sounds good.  Easy to say now even if it is just loosely based speculation.  Did you speak with all of the Iowa voters who cast ballots for Edwards?  Did all of those Edwards supporters contact you personally to tell you they voted for him but would’ve voted for Hillary if they knew Johnny was out fumbling with a lady who wasn’t his wife?  Really?  Is that how you got all of this inside information?  And what if you did win Iowa?  Obviously, that means you would’ve swept every other primary too, right?  No competition at all because winning Iowa makes you a lock to win the nomination?  Uh, excuse me… were you even watching the primary?  Uh… did you see how friggin’ close it was all the way to Puerto Rico? 

Mr. Wolfson, I’m afraid such staunch statements do absolutely no good for a Democratic party that already risks the perils of division simply because your people won’t get on the winning team in the fight to make a difference in November.  Referencing what could have happened if what happened didn’t happen doesn’t do a whole lot in the way of progression.  It just makes you look like a whiny sore losing crybaby who won’t be satisfied until he gets what he wants; but, as you, I and the rest of US America clearly see: that just ain’t gonna happen.

This puling rant reminds me of a certain Northside faction who — to this day — continue to put all the blame on a fan for their 2003 NLCS shortcomings rather than simply admitting to being outplayed by a superior team.

This divisive tirade reminds me of a certain blogger (RSBS‘ very own Mr. Allen Krause) who — to this day — continues to put all the blame on the shoddy defense of the Tigers’ pitching staff for their 2006 World Series fall rather than simply admitting to being outplayed by a superior team.

obama_whitesox.jpgThe ’03 Marlins, the ’06 Cardinals, the ’08 Obamasox…

Give credit where credit is due, people… and quit your whining.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. redstatebluestate

    I respect you as a man but you’re killing the entire idea of the American dream here by saying ‘they are all the same and nothing will change”. YOUR VOTE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Sorry for yelling, but if you think it doesn’t then just stay home in November and don’t ever complain about the state of the union, economy, foreign affairs, etc.

  2. districtboy

    Hey, Jeff, great post as always. I was wondering if you knew what “link lists”. They are under “manage” in the account center. Thanks.
    P.S. What if it was the D-Backs against the White Sox in the World Series. You get what I’m saying?


  3. redstatebluestate

    Dbacks/Sox? Well, that’d be something… that’s for sure. I just don’t think the Dbacks have what it takes though (am I right, Russell?). The Sox, on the other hand, still have a shot though truthfully, their game is nothing compared to the way the Angels and Rays have been playing… we’ll see… lots of baseball left but indeed, a Republican Nominee’s Hometown v. Democratic Nominee’s Hometown would sure be something to watch!

  4. PAUL

    Jeff, is MLung your mom? Because my mother says the exact same thing.
    I’m more concerned about Wolfson’s (and Chris Matthews’s for that matter) affinity for that Freddy Krueger sweater that they seem to share and wear on TV during times of stress.
    Call me cynical, but I’m guessing this wasn’t John Edwards’s first foray into adultery (Bill O’Reilly was actually right for once about Edwards being a charlatan) and the thing that would irritate Elizabeth Edwards more than anything is that he picked such a weirded out who-er to fool around with in this case. There had to be bright, pretty, 20-somethings around his campaign; why HER?
    Since I mentioned Matthews, maybe someone reading this can help: I’m having trouble locating the title of the instrumental that they sometimes play during dramatic black and white promos for MSNBC and NBC News. There’s a piano interlude, then a violin thing. They play it during some new Volkswagen commercials too and I’d like to find it.

  5. redstatebluestate

    No, mlung is my father. Sometimes his age gets the better of him and he gives up on things — like hope. (haha, just kiddin’ baba). While I know the Olberman Countdown show uses the music of Dvorak, I’m not sure which melody you’re referencing, Paul. Any YouTube vids with it?

  6. PAUL

    Quoth Ned Flanders:Whoops-E-Doodle. Musta missed that one.
    I tried YouTube but can’t find it. It’s getting pretty annoying.
    I think Russell’s letting his idealings with his staff at night interfere with his blogging activities during the day. That dual ID stuff gets confusing. You can take the pimp out of the streets, but can’t take the streets out of the pimp.


    My age is what takes me so long to read all these blogs and comments, but it certainly does not impede my life and world knowledge. For some reason you just can’t see the light. Everyone should stay engaged in life and the world, just don’t stay so hard headed in your views. Whether it is McCain or Obama, six months after the election give me some hard facts on how your life has changed, and who did it. It’s the people who change their own lives not the REP or DEM Soon you won’t have to hate me anymore cuz I’ll be RIGHT

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