Focus on Fossils

cartoon_james_dobson.jpgOh man. One of my favorite topics. Focus on the Family, James Dobson and the complete absence of logic and reason. This is the man who accepts the biblical book of Leviticus’ definition of homosexuality as an abomination but ridicules Sen. Obama’s “fruitcake interpretation” of the Bible when Obama mentioned some obviously outdated passages from the same book. For Mr. Dobson, the only rules in the Bible that apply are those that help him retain his perch as the Right’s watchdog of doctrine.

In some ways, “purist” baseball fans and Mr. Dobson have a lot in common. They both like to talk about the good ol’ days, when things were pure and simple but also manage to ignore the irony when they take advantage of how much better things have gotten since those days. By the same token, they like to pick and choose which parts of the ancien regime they like and which are just anachronisms.

Sorry guys, you don’t get it both ways. If Leviticus convinces you that homosexuality is an abomination and we have to live with that as the rule, we also need to accept that slavery is all right because Leviticus says that, too. And if the DH destroys the purity of baseball, then so does the fact that players have to remove their gloves and equipment from the field while batting. Times change and ideas and games must evolve if they want to stay relevant.

For instance, the idea of faith used to be commonly accepted, everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just have to accept that because you can’t understand it. Nope. Sorry. That’s not always true. Katrina destroyed New Orleans because the levees were not up to par, not because god was mad at America. And the Cardinals didn’t make any moves at the deadline because they have crappy management, not because the management knows something we don’t. In fact, to be fair, you can say the same thing about the Tigers’ trade for Kyle Farnsworth.

So, where does this all leave us at the end of the day? Simple. Baseball is a game that has evolved and because of that, it grows more popular every year. And James Dobson is a fossilized relic of another time and like all fossils we should look at him and take the story of his demise as a warning for ourselves.




  1. mlb33333

    Obviously it’s a clever argument to compare people who don’t like the DH to right wing evangelical neo-cons, but this is exactly the method that the likes of Sean Hannity use when trying to do down Obama. Tenuous connections stretched to breaking point.
    The DH isn’t wrong because it’s progress, it’s wrong because it places the emphasis on power and brute force over subtlety and thought. You could even say that the DH represents the Bush/Cheney view of the world and the National league represents the progressive thinking man’s view.
    If the game has to change then it has to be change that we can believe in.

  2. allenk

    I love the last line, Russell. I agree that the argument is tenuous at best but that’s the beauty of blogs. You can make ad hominem attacks on your friends and not even have to worry about the repercussions. In fact, the more outlandish your claim, the more likely you’ll pick up a readership. I love America!


  3. redstatebluestate

    Now, now, everybody. I think we all know that Russell is right here and since Russell has left more comments on this blog than Allen has posts, I defer to Arizona… via Slough of course.

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