Polymathic Ponderings

the thinker.jpgEver since the accident (see comments), I’ve been having difficulty focusing my thoughts; but don’t worry.  I will still find a way to express them in a brilliant, informative manner as is always expected here at RSBS.  I am many things, but a quitter without an opinion I am not. 


Picture it: October 2008.  The first round of the MLB playoffs are in full stride and not a Red Sox or Yankee is anywhere to be found.  Yes.  It could happen, folks.  For the first time in recent memory, both the Yankees and the Red Sox may find themselves sitting out during the important games.  The Rays and Angels look to be locks and it seems that the Twins and White Sox are in a tussle for the other two spots in the AL.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s hard to dismiss the possibility.  Think of the chaos, the madness, the tantrums that would follow.  At least emergency rooms in the northeast would be more quiet than usual. 

Imagine my horror.  Finally over the disappointment of not being able to see Allison Stokke vault her majesty in the Olympic games, I found myself settling on Swedish hurdler Susanna Kallur to satisfy my propensity for body-gazing during female competitions.  Yes.  My mind was made up.  She was going to be the one.  And then she knocked down the very first hurdle, fell to the ground and didn’t finish the race, further proving my theory that the combination of beauty and athletic prowess is more rare than me having somewhere to go on a Saturday night.

susanna kallur 2.jpg
susanna kallur.jpg
Envision the face of Barack Obama’s Vice President.  Is it male?  Female?  White?  Black? (doubt it)  Latino? (double-doubt it)  In any case, we should know soon and I have a feeling it will be someone whom we never even thought of.  (No, silly, it won’t be me.  I’m too busy blogging and raising cain, but thanks for the thought).

Think about it.  Wouldn’t that USA/China baseball spat have been more exciting and more newsworthy if some real punches had been thrown?  Look, I get it.  The Olympics is all about class and sportsmanship but this isn’t the floor exercise we’re talking about here: this is baseballOur sport.  Our way.  And we fight.  Robin Ventura, Nolan Ryan, Michael Barrett, A.J. Pierzynski… those guys would have tore heads off — they would’ve brought bloody pride to the Red, White and Blue.  A knockdown at home plate, some bean balls here and there… jeesh.  I was really disappointed.

See the world the way my colleague Allen Krause sees it and see a world that revolves around the wonders and blunders of one irksome Venezuela.  Yes, dear readers, I ask the same question you do: What the hell is up with all of these Venezuela postsThis one and this one and this one… I understand that Venezuela is quickly rising the ranks to be the proverbial pebble in US America’s shoe, but come on… Mr. Krause is talking about the degrees of handsomeness between Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez and Ozzie Guillen.  That’s crazy.  That’s just plain crazy

And you know it’s crazy.  You know you’ve had enough.  And you know there’s no reason to hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. neal07

    Excellent post. But the first one-that’s just crazy talk. I won’t have anyone to madly root for or anyone to double-madly root against. I guess I would go against the Angels and Rays, but hey! Here’s a thought. I could be a Dodgers fan for the playoffs. That would be interesting. But should Yankee and Red Sox Nation fail, steer clear of those blogs, because the fans that spiral into a pit of depression will probably lash out at you for even commenting, and the ones who get angry will definitely lash out at you. Those who do both (e.g. me) won’t be too happy either. But for now and forever, I BELIEVE!

  2. tim.davis5@us.army.mil

    Haven’t been on in a while. Been really busy, however, no one is too busy to read RSBS. My bad! I can’t root for the swedish, even if she is hot. I have to stick with the red, white and blue. I would have rooted for her demise, but enjoyed watching it.

  3. PAUL

    I am picturing the face of Obama’s VP and I see the hair plugs and caustic smirk of our esteemed senator from Delaware, Joe Biden. And he’s a solid choice for his foreign policy experience and to be the hatchet man on the campaign. Any man who comes up with the line about Rudy Giuliani that all of his statements contain a noun, a verb and 9/11 is alright with me.
    Can’t get into the Swedish chick though; my fiancee’s Finnish and there’s a sort of friendly rivalry between the two countries; the Finns think that the Swedes are, shall we say, delicate. Is it my imagination or does the guy I would presume to be Allison Stokke’s boyfriend look like a capital J, capital O, Jerk Off?

  4. redstatebluestate

    Neal — Believe me, if that happens, I’ll watch my back when I trash talk them 😉
    Tim — You know me, I’m behind US America all the way; but beauty knows no border.
    Prince — Signs point to Biden, but I think the Obama camp wants us to think that so when he comes out with the real choice, we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. I just don’t see Biden as being the go-to guy on this one. Oh, and I think Finns and Swedes are great. What’s wrong with delicate?
    Michael — Been there, done that… you’re right though.

  5. cairo

    Don’t know if I would say that the Rays are locks – they have not played well in Boston or NY, and their September schedule is brutal (tons of division games, esp. against those two – actually, I think they play six in a row against the Sox at one point – that alone could turn that race around quick). They also have one more game against the Angels and then a series against the White Sox, while the Red Sox play the Orioles and then goes to Toronto. The Red Sox also have more home games remaining, I believe. I will be very interested to see how the Rays do as the games go by and the pressure really starts to mount. In the end, I think that Boston will end up squeaking by, but the Rays will take the wild card.

    I am pretty close to saying that the race is pretty much between Boston and Tampa, though. I never like to count out the Yankees, given what they’ve done in the past, but 11 games out – if it’s more than 10 at the end of the month, it’s between Boston and Tampa for sure.

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