Turn the Other Cheek, My A**

It’s easy to be a gracious winner. I mean, you won. You have nothing to lose by being magnanimous and a lot of commercial endorsements to win by doing the same (if you’re some sort of athlete). However, I don’t care about gracious winners. That’s boring. I prefer the guy who loses and then lashes out at whomever or whatever is nearby. With that, I give you the RSBS countdown of the worst losers.

hussein_uday.jpgUday Hussein
Although he would have to be a strong contender for the number one spot in anyone’s book, we start out with Hussein fils because, well, he’s dead and Iraq is played out. But what’s not to love? This is a guy who caned athletes’ feet for not performing well enough and carried an electric cattle prod for extra reinforcement. However, his chances at the top slot suffered a terminal blow when he got himself blown up by an American bomb. Salaam alaykum, my friend.

andres_escobar.jpgMedellin, Colombia

After scoring a devastating own goal during the 1994 World Cup, Andrés Escobar returned home and found out the hard way that leaving drug lords on the wrong side of a huge gambling debt does not help your own life expectancy. As if to add insult to injury, the killer supposedly yelled “Goooooooooooooooooooool” after each one of the twelve shots. Of course, this is right around the corner from where a disputed soccer match led to an all-out war so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

The Chinese Olympic Baseball Team

No team likes to be showed up on its own turf and it didn’t help when the US team used a couple hard-nosed plays to take it to the Chinese team. However, even though throwing high and tight is a time-honored part of the game, beaning someone is not something you usually expect to see in the Olympics. Thanks China. It’s not like you already won more gold medals than us anyway, Sheesh.

I could go on and on with more examples but after pointing out our gold medal winner, I’ll leave it up to our loyal readers to tell us what we missed. So, without any further ado…

Angel Matos
The top prize definitely has to go to Angel Matos from the baseball crazy country of Cuba. Mr. Matos was disqualified from his Olympic tae kwan do match for taking too much time during an injury timeout at which point he decided to give the ref an injury timeout of his own.http://media.imeem.com/pl/I71UF7mOed/aus=false/pv=2/
After the international committee reviewed the friendly tap, it appears Angel got himself a permanent timeout. Don’t worry, though, Angel. El Commandante Fidel Castro came out and blamed the whole thing on a capitalist plot.

Hm, maybe the prize should actually go to Castro and his clan for their ability to blame the yanquis for every Cuban misstep since 1959. Now, if it were the Yankees he blamed instead, I could get behind that.




  1. cfan4ever

    DOWN WITH OBAMA! GO MCCAIN!!!! Cardinals suck.. Does Obama, who criticized Palin for no experience, have any experience himself? A community organizer? Really? 100+ times, he voted “Present”? Nice choice. How is the American economy supposed to function if taxes are risen, trade with other countries are closed, and needless spending of OUR money is wasted? By LOWERING taxes, the American people can invest in the economy, so it can grow. Community organizer.. Palin has more experience than the Democratic ticket combined. Get over it.
    Don’t hate yourself cuz’ you’re wrong!

  2. redstatebluestate

    Well, cfan4ever, where to start? Obama wasn’t just a community organizer, but a lawyer, professor of law at University of Chicago, a state senator and then a US Senator… all of which combined to make much more experience than the PTA, mayor of a small town, 20 months as governor of a sparsely populated state. Now, you can’t drive this experience debate with Palin on the ticket. There’s just no basis. You mean to tell me she has more experience than the entire democratic ticket which includes Joe Biden – a senator for 30 years!! 30 Years Dude. Wake up.
    The American economy can’t grow right now because your party’s president of 8 years has decided it’s more important to kill his daddy’s emissary than to take care of his own people. We’re pouring billions of dollars into the senseless war in Iraq.
    You’re probably one of those obnoxious Cub fans, eh? You’re probably wearing a backwards hat, popped collar, holding a Miller Lite and shouting “F^G” at anyone who looks remotely smarter than you — which I expect would be most everyone.

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