Corporate Cranks

bankrupt.jpgIt’s not a good day to be a Lehman Brothers shareholder nor the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.  You know it and I know it: these headlines are certainly not good for we average US American joes trying to scrape by in an ever-fleecing state of economic emergency.  The DOW fell over 500 points which doesn’t bode well for my retirement funds (at this rate I’ll be able to retire after fifty years of being dead!) and the firing of Ned Yost means that the Brewers are playing badly enough to warrant a major change in the clubhouse — a solidly blaring sign that the Cubs got this one in the bag. 

Great.  Just great.

Target logo.jpgThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Target logo.jpgBut hey, guess what!  Not all is bad in the world of corporate cranks!  The Minnesota Twins, today, announced the name of their new ballpark scheduled to open in 2010.  Target Field!  Yes!  I’m just so… so elated that I can… I can hardly stand it!  I’m sooooo glad that Target got the naming rights.  I was hoping a big box corporation that exploits its employees to work for minimum wage and frowns upon engaging in talks with union organizers would get that precious opportunity to spread its grimy message of “exploit, exploit, exploit!”  Enough of these big banks and cell phone moguls getting all the attention. 

Target logo.jpgJoin me in saying: To hell with that!

Target logo.jpgYes, dear readers, we have the real deal with Target Field.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  Target Field.  Sounds kind of like Tiger Stadium, which is remembered as an abomination of a ballpark that reeked of urine, beer and stale hot dog buns.  I know.  But don’t worry.  I’m positive that Target will do all it can to ensure that its employees won’t be able to afford actually going to a game, so there should be no worries regarding those dreaded undesirables.

Thumbnail image for Target logo.jpgHm.  Just feels good, doesn’t it?  I like nothing more than to be a forgotten cog in the wheel of a greedy, predatory economy.  Makes me feel… oh, I don’t know… it makes me feel…


Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



**This post has been graciously brought to you by Target.  Target: We’re Not Wal-Mart.


  1. cfan4ever

    Here’s the difference between you and me. You believe John McCain, a man who completed 22 successful missions, served his country for many years, retired as a captain, served in the US Congress for 26 years, and lead his men into battle countless times is a failure? Calling him a hero is an understatement.
    You should forget your blind-hatred of John McCain. What has NObama ever done for his country? Voted ‘present’ in the Illinois State Legislature 130 times? Organized a community? Flip-flopped his stands on important issues a few times?
    When you compare the two, there’s really no comparison.

  2. redstatebluestate

    cfan4ever, you forgot the BIGGEST difference between you and me: You actually fall for the “he’s a hero so he’ll be a good president” b.s. Sure, he’s a hero. I admitted that. But he’s also someone who has sided with the Bush administration on 95% of the issues. You like living during rough times? I don’t. If you do, go ahead, be one of the drones who falls for the comforts of war and religion to validate your patriotism. Go ahead. I’m ready to end this atrocity of a government and I’m not alone. “Blind hatred”? Believe what you want. I don’t judge and I don’t preach. I just say what I believe.

  3. rmutt4m

    Just do like the rest of us low rents do: pronounce it with a French accent – Tar-szje Field.

    Michael Norton
    Some Clubhouse

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Wow, Target Field. The downside to the whole naming rights thing is the possibility of a bad, nay horrible, name… but it gets you a hell of a lot of money so there’s that.
    And you’ve got to get the clip from the daily show yesterday up. “Sarah Palin Doesn’t Blink”… hilarious.
    V –

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