Good Enough Just Ain’t Good Enough

unknown comic.jpgI am not a quitter.  Never have been.  In fact, I still smoke, I still stay up past midnight and I still believe the Cardinals have a shot at that last wild card spot.  Yes.  I believe.  I have faith (albeit very little).  This is why I was extremely disappointed to read Matthew Leach’s latest article, which basically says: our season is done, Cardinal fans… but hey, we weren’t supposed to be this good in the first place so everything’s cool. 

Not cool, Mr. Leach.  Definitely not cool.

And I am one of Mr. Leach’s biggest fans.  I read his blog; I read his news articles.  I actually read the guy’s book, so this is no blind sucker punch attack here.  To do in the Cardinals with two weeks remaining in a season already considered by many to be one of the most overachieving to date is not a great way to keep your fan base interested, or on your side.

Besides, baseball isn’t about just being good enough not to embarrass yourself.  Ask any Yankee fan how sick he/she feels right now knowing the team won’t make it to the post-season.  

Baseball is about grinding, going a hard nine 162 times a year in the cold, the rain, the sun and the heat and then the cold again. 

It’s about always giving your best by running out every ground ball, backing up the first baseman, meticulously spitting sunflower seed shells into a community bucket. 

Baseball is about never giving up no matter how far back, how far down, how far away.

Mr. Leach, we’re only four and half games out of the wild card and ahead of us are three teams that are each notorious for their streaky play.  We, as Cardinal fans, are not the despicable type who give up just because the future may look a tad dim.

In other words, we are not Allen Krause.  Mr. Krause gave up on his team a long time ago; he gave up on the University of Michigan football team before the season even started and after one game he gave up on his beloved Detroit Lions.

Again, Mr. Leach, let me reiterate: We are NOT Allen Krause and for taking on that ‘throw-in-the-towel’ attitude — despite the fact that I sincerely respect your work — I have no choice but to send you a great big RSBS Eat It! from all of us who care.

Following along the lines of ‘good enough just ain’t good enough’, let me also thank all our dear readers for putting RSBS higher up on the MLBlog totem pole.  Being ranked number two is certainly better than being ranked number five in total hits/popularity/readership; however, it would be irresponsible of me not to point out the simple fact that:

RSBS_Top10Fanblogs_9.12.08.jpgGo ahead.  You can hate me ‘cuz I’m pompous, you can hate me ‘cuz I’m beautiful, but please don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right!





  1. tiffk99

    Hey….just found your blog and I’m glad I found another Cardinal one to read. I’m glad you have so much optimism about our Redbirds, but I just can’t get to that point. I mentioned in my last post that in 2006, I always believed that the Cardinals were going to go all the way because they simply just had that kind of team. They found a way to come back, a way to win and ultimately ended up World Series Champions. This year is much different. A 4 1/2 game spread in ’06 would have been nothing. But this year? It might as well be 100 games because they just aren’t playing with the kind of urgency I need to see in my club. I hope I’m wrong. I hope in two weeks I am eating these words and doing a postseason celebration dance. But as for now… hope has dwindled.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance. Let me know what you think.

    – Tiffany

  2. redstatebluestate

    Thanks for finding us, Tiffany. Let’s not hold our breath on STL, but let’s not give up yet either. Thank you, Russell, for pointing that out… but if he’s a pro-template blogger, then why is he listed under the “fanblogs”? He has a cool graphic in his description bar, but no “star” to indicate “pro”. In any case, like Billy the Kid, we won’t rest until we reach the top (or die, whichever comes first). I like the idea of “Allen Krause Bobble Head Day”, but that might scare the kids to no end.

  3. Jane Heller

    Glad you mentioned that Yankee fans are sick over not being in the playoffs because we are! Our season is just about over, but I learned a lot last season about never giving up. The Yankees looked dead in the first half of ’07 so I wrote an article in the NY Times announcing I was divorcing them. Yeah, suing them on the grounds of mental cruelty. I was only kidding but I got tons of mail saying what a quitter and a traitor I was. I ended up writing a book about last season and the lessons I learned, but the point is – never give up on your team!

  4. redstatebluestate

    Jane — if you got your work in the NY Times, then I say everyone else can just “eat it”! That’s some statement! I stick behind you.
    Steve — Touche. Touche. Though I must admit I’d really enjoy a Sox v Sox ALCS and well, I love a good story (you can fill in the rest 😉

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