The Filibuster

This weekend will see the very last game ever at hallowed Yankee Stadium. On this blog you have made it no secret that you are everything anti-Yankees, but even you must feel some sadness in seeing this historical and cultural relic fall to the wrecking ball. Please enlighten us with some of your favorite Yankee Stadium memories; while doing so, try not to shed too many tears.

— Jeff


I only visited Yankee Stadium one time while I living in NYC. I remember it well.

The year was 2006 and the Tigers were lighting up the American League on their magical (but tragically aborted) run to the World Series. A friend of mine got tickets through her company when the Tigers came into town for a series with the Yankees and so I found myself in the Bronx on a weeknight in September. Well, I assume it was September. I don’t really remember all that well. And that was when my magical night began.

First off, I came straight from work so I had my small messenger bag with me. Bad idea. Turns out you’re not allowed to carry anything into Yankee Stadium with you. So instead I had to check it at a bowling alley next door. When I finally got inside, the seats were amazing, right down in a field box along the 1st base line but there was one small problem. Yankee fans. Of course I suppose I should have expected it since I had worn my Tigers hat. But I didn’t realize that I had basically signed up for a couple hours of taunting.

The taunting was bearable up until they hit the point in game where “God Bless America” is sung. Now, I love my country and I always stand for the “Star Spangled Banner.” I could not be more proud to be an American and that’s why I took a job where I could serve my country. But this whole “God Bless America” fad is nothing but a post-9/11 NYC conceit and I’m an atheist to boot so I remained in my seat.

SaddamYankee.jpgTurns out that this was a bad idea since the taunting then took on a whole new level of awfulness. From that point on, even after the song was finished, I was accused of everything from hating America to being a child rapist. Granted, Yankee fans are known for their boorishness and my experience was actually better than others I have heard about. But after that experience my feelings towards Yankee Stadium are similar to my feelings towards France. It would be a wonderful place if not for the people in it.

So, that’s what I think about Yankee Stadium’s imminent passing into history. The best thing I can say about “The House that Ruth Built” is that at least it’s better than Shea.




  1. Jane Heller

    Allen – On behalf of Yankee fans everywhere, I apologize! Not that I’m some Yankee diplomat or anything. I’ve been boorish. I’ve been obnoxious. I’ve acted entitled – all the things Yankee fans are reputed to be. But I had a wild experience at Comerica Park last season when I was on the road following the Yankees for my book. It was a Friday night in the bleachers and some poor guy in front of me was wearing a Mariners jersey. I tell the story in the book about how mercilessly he was taunted by a group of really drunk Tigers fans (he was called a ***-lover for rooting for Ishiro, among other slurs). At one point I honestly thought the Tigers fans were about to kill this guy and yet the security guard just sat there watching the game, pretending the fight wasn’t happening. What can I say except that some people are idiots, especially after too many beers. Please come to the new Yankee Stadium next year and give us another try.

  2. allenk

    Thanks Jane. Yeah, Michiganders definitely have their moments, too. I think all teams have fans of whom they are not proud. And that probably goes double for some of those British football teams, eh Russell? It’s just too bad that a bunch of drunk hooligans are able to take away from real fans enjoying the game itself. I’ll definitely try to make it to the new stadium, though.

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