Premature Jubilation

old cub fan.JPGThey say that the great state of Chicago‘s drinking water — drawn from the great Lake Michigan — is some of the finest, purest tap water in all of US America.  Seriously?  I’m beginning to wonder…

Again, my hat is tipped to the Chicago Cubs, their players, their front office and yes, even their fans for winning the National League Central Division title.  Job well done.  I’ve commented on blogs galore, I’ve shaken your hands, I’ve stopped calling the cops when you fire bomb my house. 

Congratulations on doing what you were supposed to do.  You were picked to win the Central.  You went out and spent a lot of money to win the Central.  So, it should be no surprise that you did indeed win the Central.

But I have absolutely no patience (nor the stomach) for this kind of crap sprawled across my Sunday paper:

this is the year cubs.jpgIf it weren’t for my sadistic infatuation with the shooting incidents finely described in the Metro section, I’d cancel my Chicago Tribune subscription in a New York methamphetamine minute because their escalating sensationalist style of journalism is growing too tiresome to be considered real reportage. 

Publishing a new book entitled This Is The Year?

The year for what!?!?  Winning the division?  Because that’s all you’ve done so far.  Congratu-friggin-lations on that.  You won the NL Central.  You did that last year too.  Remember?  Where’s the book for that great feat of baseball achievement?  Oh, there isn’t one?  Well then, let’s write a book about this year then without having actually done anything of real importance?!?! 

Is this for real?  What else have you done this year that warrants a book banking/hoping/praying you’ll win the NLDS and then win the NLCS and then… win the WS?

This is exactly the reason why Cub fans hate themselves.  They let the media and the hype and the curses and the exploding payrolls inflate their egos beyond the realms of sanity, so much so that they actually believe “this is the year” when they’ve still got a whole lot of work to do… just like they did when all they had to do was record five outs against the Marlins or win three games against the Diamondbacks or whatever the case may be this year. 

Sure, it’s been a hundred years and the media loves this kind of story… look: I get it.  But, don’t you think publishing a book called This Is The Year is a bit like asking that girl you like but haven’t talked to yet to marry you

Yeah.  Good luck with that.

I’m sure your manager, “Sweet” Lou Piniella, one of the smartest, classiest managers in the game, is loving your gung-ho holier-than-thou approach to the toughest part of the season.  Because we all know (cue the sarcasm) that the playoff games preceding the world series crown are really meaningless, especially if you’ve got a book called This Is The Year.

Nothing guarantees a victory like premature jubilation. 

Just ask Al Gore.

And don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. PAUL

    Sarah Palin’s shaking hands with heads of state at the U.N. is supposedly going to beef up her foreign policy credentials; by that logic, since I shook Bill Clinton’s hand when he spoke at my school a few years ago, I too have experience enough to be VP.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Well, then so do I, Prince, ‘cuz Clinton made a trip through my hometown several years ago and though I wasn’t there, my dad saw him from afar… so I must be qualified too. Plus, I’ve lived in Spain AND China for extended periods of time, AND I live close to Chinatown and if you just go west on Archer, there are a lot of Mexicans, so my foreign policy skills are indeed superb.

  3. Jane Heller

    I met Clinton at a Dem fundraising dinner during the Lewinsky scandal. When it was time to shake his hand, I stood there speechless (unusual for me) and finally stammered, “Hey, good luck with that impeachment thing, Mr. President.” Never felt so stupid in my life. Surely, that qualifies me for a cabinet post or something. As for the Tribune and the Cubs hype, Jeff, I feel your pain.

  4. PAUL

    I think we’re onto something here. I’ve been to: England (my mother’s British); Finland (my fiancee’s Finnish); Sweden; France; and Estonia (NOT recommended). And judging by “Sarah Palin-logic” that says she’s been in Iraq because she was close to the border and Ireland because her plane stopped there to refuel, I’ve also been to Denmark; the Netherlands; and Germany. Maybe we should put our own ticket together Jeff; you think the world’s ready for a JewAsian fusion leading the country?
    Jane, it’s interesting that you say you were speechless. I was coming down the escalator in the main building at school and…there he was standing there talking to some girls (naturally; he’s my kinda guy). I’m not the type to get starstruck, but I was STARSTRUCK!! I said, “Oh wow!!!” and reached over and shook his hand. I thought that was really cool.
    I also saw James Carville once in a bagel store when I used to do deliveries. He’s tall, like 6’2″, and looks like the type of guy you don’t wanna mess with; like he’d be able to beat the crap outta someone.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Ha! Yes, the Prince/Lung ticket! We’ll run as the MLBlogocrats! I love it. Starstruck… well, I’ve been starstruck to the point where I couldn’t speak at all only one time and that was when I met Beyonce. I was close enough to her that I could smell her perfume and I wanted to die right there. Friggin’ love that lady. I’m sure the same would happen if Carrie Underwood or Katherine McPhee ever got close… I’m a sucker for female pop-stars.

  6. Jenna (Thunder)

    Yeah, I am not too thrilled with a book called This is the Year because you know what? the person who publishes that is gonna feel like an *** if they lose..
    You’re right, they’ve got A LOT of work to do. They need to liven up their offense more, and narrow down the errors in the field. We wont even talk about the bullpen… they need to get their act together.. and fast.
    And as Lou says.. “you cant count your chickens before they hatch”.. and the media and a lot of the Cubs fans are getting a little too crazy. We need to sit back and watch it actually happen, not infer what will happen. But I’m still a die hard Cubs fan though..
    — Jenna (Thunder)


    I completely agree with bleedcubbieblue2. I myself am a die hard cubs fan, and this morning (Monday) I was about sick to my stomach just in anticipation of Wednesday’s game. Great, good job, we won the NL Central, but the hard part is just starting. Need we forget who we are rooting for? THE CUBS!!! Last years playoffs were miserable, and I am praying for a different outcome this year. I know we have a good team, but we have a lot of things to tweek before we can even consider anything other than this first series. The Dodgers are a good team, they aren’t going to roll over. It’s Joe Torre for crying out loud!! I wouldn’t even let my friends even mention the…you know, and it really upsets me when I see articles/books whatever about “this is the year”. I don’t want to be jinxed!!! I think true die hard cub fans know exactly what is going on, and know who they are rooting for and what can happen if we aren’t careful…Cubs fans are the essence of guarded optimism.

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