The Filibuster

I asked a similar question in the hypothetical earlier this season but now that some aspects of the postseason have sorted themselves out, I have to ask again. What makes you more sad, the Cubs winning the NL Central or the Cards not making the playoffs?

— Allen


crybaby.jpgFor all of you who picture me sitting in the alcove of my apartment drowning in the proverbial sea of my own tears because the Cardinals will be home this post-season while the Cubs journey on, you’re probably not too far off from reality.  Of course, the half empty bottle of Jack, the lonely cavern of my heart and the clear and present danger of having one Sarah Palin next in line to the highest office in the land most certainly have more to do with my wallowing than the current state of baseball. 

As I have said here before, the Cubs were supposed to win the Central and be one of the best teams in baseball this year.  So why, Mr. Krause, should I be so surprised to actually see this come true?  We’re both highly educated, extremely learned, dashingly handsome young men, so cut me a little slack here.

Verily, the true river of tears has yet to flow.  In fact, it is on standby until the final outcome of the AL Central battle.  If my neighborhood Sox find a way to wiggle back in there, then all will be well again and I will have much to look forward to.

If the menacing Twins manage to squeak in (which would realistically only extend their inevitable fate of just not being good enough) then I will go ahead and cry… right along side Mr. Krause, who again, finds himself rooting for the worst team money can buy

Crying is nothing new to baseball fans.  The likes of Bill Buckner, Bartman and Don Denkinger — among myriad others — have long tortured the hearts and souls of those most loyal.

And no one will cry harder (or longer) than Mets fans if the the second team of New York blows it — yet again — at the very last minute.  Stay tuned… or, just keep your ears open for the hisses and boos from the Met faithful.  That ricketty old stadium may come tumbling down sooner — and in a more creative way — than we all think.  

Don’t hate me, ‘cuz as always, I’m right.





  1. flairforthedramatic

    The Met’s wind up missing the playoffs again… which I just laugh at, though I know many Mets fans are crying about right now. It’s tough from the start for them, having to step out of the Yankee shadow and all, but it must be even tougher right now when, for the second year in a row, they blow a lead in September. At least I, and other Yankee fans, knew the Yanks weren’t going to make it like a month ago.
    The one thing I wooould of cried about would be if Mussina hadn’t gotten his first 20th win season. The poor guy keeps coming close and only this year does he finally reach it. If he had missed it by one win again my heart would’ve broken for him.
    V –

  2. st andrew

    How can you say that there are more important things than baseball, such as Sarah Palin? The World Series ends on October 30 at the latest, so that gives us a couple of days to worry about politics until the election. The country and the world can wait until the baseball season is over.


  3. neal07

    I just wonder what your theory would be on how the Mets keep pulling this off–and keep losing to the Marlins? It’s ridiculous. And yes, the Twins’ inevitable fate will come if they should squeak by, but they’re fun to watch and we’ll get to see if the Rays are for real.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Well, folks, I think this one speaks for itself. There are a lot of bad things in life, but none could be worse than being a Mets fan THIS year in my opinion.

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