If the Rays Don’t Win Tonight, They Can Kiss Their Dreams Goodbye

Tampa Bay Rays.jpgAll great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.
                                        — Albert Camus (1913 – 1960)

For the Rays, that ridiculous beginning — which included the most atrocious team color scheme in the history of man, a perennial place at the bottom of the AL East and an escalating alienation from their fans (all four of them) — could be just the set-up they need to accomplish their very first great deed.

But if they lose Game 6 tonight, consider the Rays in deep trouble.  

For if I were a Tampa Bay Ray, the last thing I would want to do is play a determined, feisty, no-holds-barred ball club from Boston with the entire season on the line.  Recent history has shown us that the Red Sox live for this sort of thing and that when the going gets tough — down by 7 runs, down by 3 games in the series, down by an intangible curse — they indeed get tougher.

In other words, the Rays better close this thing out tonight or they will face a long winter of second guesses, disappointment and reflecting on their emulation of the baseball equivalent of erectile dysfunction.

Ralph nader.jpgSimilarly, in anticipation of the heralded third party presidential debate set to take place tomorrow (Sunday) evening in New York, I might suggest that Ralph Nader better get his non-pandering ^ss there or he too can kiss his chances of becoming the next president goodbye.

Because let’s face it, US America needs Ralph Nader — if for nothing else than to remember that if you work hard, make angry faces and go on tirades against the political elite long enough, then eventually, there will be a less than 1% chance that anyone will actually listen to what you’re saying.

And sometimes, less than 1% is better than 0%.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. Jane Heller

    I know you’re ALWAYS right, Jeff, but maybe not this time. I actually think there won’t be a long winter of disappointment for the Rays if they don’t win. Nobody expected them to take the AL East, much less the pennant and WS. Not in the beginning of the season and not toward the end. They’re way ahead of all predictions no matter how they fare tonight. Do they want to finish their Cinderella story? Sure. But it’s the Red Sox who are supposed to win it all.


  2. redstatebluestate

    Wow, let me just go on record by saying a Yankees fan said it here: “…it’s the Red Sox who are supposed to win it all.” Jane, I commend you for your across-the-aisle politics! Much respect!

  3. steve_t

    The Red Sox are supposed to win it all because they’re the better team. They’re tired, beat up, injured, but they’re also postseason tested with veteran leadership that the Rays just don’t have. This series has been incredible so far. I hope it comes down to last out–a Papelbon save. Then it’s off the World Series and home field advantage for the wild card team. Or it’s instantly hot stove season. I’ll take the former.

    Steve T

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