“Real” Americans Choose Sides

The World Series begins tonight but not without a little controversy. Apparently Barack Obama has broken the cardinal rule of sports fans everywhere and come out in support of both the Phillies and the Rays. It would seem that Mr. Obama doesn’t understand “real” Americans or espouse the values of main street Wasilla, Alaska.


Now as a baseball fan and someone who will be watching the World Series despite the fact that I don’t have a team in the game, I can understand Sen. Obama’s divided sentiments. Ultimately, he said he’ll be cheering for the Phillies because his campaign manager is a Phillies’ fan. If the Cardinals were in the Series against anyone but the Tigers, I’d probably cheer for them too, because I (occasionally) support my friend.

See, when your team isn’t playing, you’re allowed to cheer for whomever. There’s a big difference between Obama attending a rally with some players from the Rays and Bill Richardson saying he likes both the Red Sox and the Yankees. Or Hillary Clinton claiming to be a simultaneous Yankees and Cubs fan. Those things don’t make sense. But I really couldn’t tell you who I’m rooting for in the Series. Both teams are compelling but neither one controls any of my loyalty. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rays win because they’re young and exciting and they took out the Yankees this season. But, the Phillies are young (with the exception of Jamie Moyer) and exciting, too, and I already predicted that they would win.

So, perhaps we should all just settle down and enjoy what could be some really good baseball. Perhaps it would be a little more compelling if Mr. McCain’s Diamondbacks were taking on Mr. Obama’s White Sox. I’m sure that we here at RSBS would be at Defcon 3 if we had scored a rematch of the 2006 Series. And we all know how much Mr. Lung wishes that Erin Andrews was frollicking about the dugouts. But instead we’ll be starting off this evening at Tropicana Field in an area better known for spring training. However, if that’s not “real” America then what is?




  1. psg210

    i think its a bit silly to take heed of politicians throwing support behind teams. after all, we know they rarely say anything they mean ;). However, I think it is funny that Obama says he is pulling for the Phillies because his campaign manager, David Plouffe, is a Phillies fan. Plouffe is a Nationals season ticket holder!

  2. redstatebluestate

    I agree with both of you. Giuliani really angered me with his switch the most. Hillary second. In any case, people down here on the Southside aren’t too happy about Obama’s Phillie backing. The word on the street is: Just shut your trap regarding baseball and win this damn election.

  3. Jane Heller

    Giuliani lost the Republican nomination because of that Red Sox endorsement! (Well, maybe.) Still makes me mad. But I just have to say that the video of Wasilla was as funny as it was terrifying. I’ll have nightmares tonight.


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