Enouph Phriggin’ Phun with the Phillies “Ph”

phillie phanatic.jpgBelieve me, Philly Phans, I pheel ya.  As a Cardinals phan and White Sox supporter, I know phirst-hand what exuberance and exaltation comes with celebrating a World Series championship.  Indeed, it’s so ecstatically mind-blowing that one can easily phathom losing all sense of grammatic aptitude and phonetic inpherence. 

I’m just sayin’… enouph is enouph.

Because, yeah, we get it.

We understand that the Philly “Ph” is phun to insert into newspaper headlines and crawler teasers phrom the major news organizations.  We understand that, phor Philly phans who have had nothing to cheer phor during the last twenty some odd years, that this is a big phriggin’ deal and you want to make some noise.  We understand that up until that last out was recorded, yours was as phormidable a task as you could possibly phathom and that phear of being unable to phinish would always be phound in the back of your mind. 

We understand.

We’re just tired of it.

Jump up and down.  Knock a few back.  Celebrate to your hearts’ content.

Just cool it with the dumb bastardization of the English language, please.

And make sure you get all the partying in before Tuesday, November 4th; because on that day my city, my home, my people will be the center of the world.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. redstatebluestate

    haha! Hi Michael. I know, I tried that one too. Nice to see you around. Hoping your Skins win tonight.

  2. mlung@hotmail.com

    Is that considered vulgar language. Should MLB be contacted and have this stuff removed. I don’t know someone please tell me

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