Please Excuse My Colleague’s Blind Ignorance; He’s a Michigander and Therefore Knows Not the Error of His Ways

kathy bates misery.jpgIndeed, Misery, thy name is Detroit.

Equally so, Ignorance, thy name is Mr. Allen Krause.

“…the fact is, neither of them [Albert Pujols, Dustin Pedroia] deserved the MVP for this year.”
       — Allen Krause, Misery, Thy Name is Detroit

Ordinarily, I prefer to eschew my impetus to pass judgment and/or speculate the grounds of one’s idiocy, but in this case, Mr. Krause, I’m afraid there is no explanation for your blasphemy other than to say you must be smoking the same stuff as our dear leader; and it’s certainly beginning to show.

Next you’ll be saying things like:


Or even worse:

Look, I and our dear readers all know that even though you reside in Washington, D.C., you’re still a Michigander at the core of your being and with that comes a certain inherited blind ignorance in the way of assessing athletic achievement.  And we all realize that, aside from your Hockeytown Redwings, you don’t have much to cheer about these days.  U of M looks like a pop-warner team.  The Tigers are the baseball equivalent of our nation’s financial mess.  The Lions are an absolute abomination, better fit for cleaning toilets in an Amtrak restroom than trying to execute the fundamentals of football.

But when you say that both Pujols and Pedroia were not rewarded for their efforts this season but rather for feats of the past, I have no choice but to postulate: what the $#%& is wrong with you?!?!

Pujols’ numbers were hands down the best of anyone this season.  He is always an MVP candidate for the simple fact that he is always getting better and always carrying his team.  He won the MVP in 2005.  He should’ve won in 2004.  This year, 2008, above any else, was certainly cause for him to win again because without Pujols in that lineup, the Cardinals would’ve probably been the 20 games under .500 team everyone thought they’d be at the start. 
In the case of Pedroia, his 2008 achievements were far better than his 2007 achievements.  He proved himself an invaluable leader throughout the season both with his bat and his glove, not to mention his guts and brawn.

So where the hell do you find it reasonable to compare these two paragons of baseball accomplishment to Denzel Washington and his role in Training Day, which, by the way, was also very well acted no matter what you think, Mr. Krause.

I’d suggest that you take this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to give thanks that despite your inability to successfully formulate sensible arguments with actual information to back yo ^ss up you still have a cushy intellectual job that turns a blind eye to your inaccuracies, as grave as they are.

Oh yes, Al, you can hate me.   That’s fine.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. redstatebluestate

    Julia — I got your back. Al, smart as he is, still hasn’t grasped the fundamentals of baseball. He seems to think that being overpaid and underachieving (ahem, the Tigers) is cause for excitement.
    Neal — What are we gonna do when Dubya’s gone? I’m a bit scared in a comedic way.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Well, Jane, I think the only way Al and I would be dancing together — anywhere — would require the entire Notre Dame football team coming down with a serious case of meningitis. That seems to be one of the few things that would makes us happy collectively 😉

  3. thegoodofthegame

    Pedroia is a stud. No doubt. Anytime guy who’s 5’8″ than can carry the Boston Red Sox to the playoffs deserves MVP. But one point I’ll make for Pujols not being worthy of MVP this season.
    He, himself, is quoted as saying anyone who doesn’t take their team to the playoffs doesn’t deserve the MVP. I tend to agree. He’s a disgustingly good hitter, but he couldn’t quite get it done this year while Ryan Howard (please excuse the bias) put the Phils on his shoulders in September and charged them past the Mets once again. But he gets blasted because of his slow start.

    MVP should be about more than just numbers. But yes, I don’t have a vote. But I should!

  4. redstatebluestate

    MVP should be what it says, Most Valuable Player. Take Howard off the Phils, they still get to the playoffs. Take AP away from the Cardinals and they turn into the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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