The Ron Santo Crybaby Camp Overshadows An Otherwise Respectable Career

chicago aerial.jpgAs a Chicagoan, I am expected to accept and endure the following three basic tenets of Chicago life, otherwise known as the Three C’s:

1.  Crappy weather

2.  Corrupt politicians

3.  Crybaby Cub fans

Because I love this fair second city and all the headaches associated with its underground, battled, scar-bearing character, I generally acquiesce and forego my impetus to break bones and punch walls in reaction to the ceaseless bombardment and annoying abundance of those Three C’s

But on a day like today, when it’s 30-some degrees outside with a steady, sloppy rain pouring down… when our dear Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich is arrested at his Northside home on federal corruption charges… when the Ron Santo camp is hogging headline space by going through its annual crybaby routine… when all three of these things converge on the same day in one unforgiving onslaught of discomfort, I am left exhausted, irked and very, very thankful that I am anti-gun.

It’s just too much for one man to take.

The weather, yeah.  Like an unwanted pregnancy, it happens.  We deal with it.

rod blagojevich.jpgBlagojevich, yeah.  I think we all knew he was a crook.  I met him at the 95th Street/Dan Ryan Expressway CTA station on election day 2006.  He smiled, shook my hand, patted me on the shoulder.  Five minutes later, as I was left admiring the indescribable solidity of his hair, I realized my wallet was gone.

But when it comes to the Hall of Fame hopes of one Ron Santo, I have absolutely had enough.  Enough!

I mean, when a woman says “no”, she means “no”, stupid.  If you ignore that you’re a rapist.

ron santo.jpgLikewise, when the Hall of Fame, whether it be the BBWAA, the Veterans Committee or the Baseball Gods themselves say “no” for twenty-five years, they mean “NO!!!!!… and stop bugging us.”  Because just like the yearly lament of “this is our year”, the we-were-robbed cries for Ron Santo routine is getting extremely old and intensely aggravating. 

Rick Morrissey, of the now bankrupt Chicago Tribune, cried out to his drones of readers, “What don’t Hall voters see in Santo?”

They don’t see a Hall of Famer, that’s what, Rick.  If doing the same thing over and over and over again while expecting different results is insanity then the crybaby Santo camp is absolutely DERANGED!

Get over it.

Ron Santo was a great baseball player.  He wasn’t one of the greatest of all time but he was better than average, better than good, better than what Cub fans have turned him into over the last several years: a whiny, sore losing, crybaby.  It’s not Ron’s fault.  Leave him alone.  He’s on your side.  Quit making him look like the fat kid in gym class that no one wants on his team.

You have a stronger case with Andre Dawson so go cry about that for a few decades, will ya?  By then Blagojevich might be ready to enter a work-release program cleaning up the beaches that will surround the then island of Chicago (it’s a polar ice cap melting thing).

So yeah, go ahead.  Hate me.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. juliasrants

    Yikes! And I thought we had in bad in Boston with Whitey and couple of corrupt FBI agents! Things will get brighter – what is it, only like 5 more months until spring? Hang in there Jeff. I recommend a strong drink and some soothing music – like “The Sun’ll come out Tomorrow!”


  2. PAUL

    How dumb can a guy be? Trying to SELL the senate seat? I don’t mind a grifter if he’s clever, but is this guy out of his mind? Is he on drugs?
    As for Santo, I think he should be in, but the voters don’t wanna hear a guy whining; Phil Rizzuto was VERY vocal about his exclusion for years and then after he quit complaining and some of his boosters like Bill White and Ted Williams wound up on the Veterans Committee, he got in.

  3. redstatebluestate

    The more this story develops, the more ill I become. Apparently being the governor of Illinois requires being a) mentally challenged b) completely egotistical c) a flat-out crook… just for starters (see George Ryan for more info). Check out the Drudge for all the dirty details of this ongoing drama… like the guv’nuh’s propensity for expletives and autocracy. What a weasel. Excuse me while I go puke.

  4. rmutt4m

    Blagojevich. The very name conjures up mental images of something bad, like the sound of vomiting, maybe. BLAHH-GOJ-EVICH… “Oh, God, I’ll never drink again.”

    Michael NortonSome Clubhouse – It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

  5. flairforthedramatic

    “Like an unwanted pregnancy, it happens.” – LMAO on that one lol. Thx for the heads up, by the way, about the mlblogs profile pic. I had no idea it was being used lol. I been a little too caught up with college applications and senior year hecticness to spend a lot of time surfin the sphere, but I hope to be back nd posting soon.
    V –

  6. redstatebluestate

    You said it, Michael. Around here we tend to call him “Bla-goy-a-b*tch”… but it was always in good fun. Not so much anymore. Jeesh… this is just blowing my mind right now how I (and so many other honest, hard working people) fell for this guy’s load of crap.

  7. dezmo68

    Jeff, I am not the least bit surprised you fell for it. Chicago politics, as you said. It’s kind of expected, isn’t it? Do you think any of these crooks, er, politicians have even an iota of integrity? To wrap yourself in the warm hug of “hope” or “change” in the name of someone seeking elected office seems blissfully ignorant to me. More empty promises than a one night stand…

  8. redstatebluestate

    In the context of the 2006 gubernatorial election, it was Blago or Barr-Topinka. Neither got me excited. Can’t change my vote now. As for messages of “hope” and “change” from a Chicago politician… Obama hasn’t let me down yet and he inspired me (and a nation). Still does (me at least). I think he’s different then the rest. He’s no Blago. I “hope”. Only time will tell, my friend.

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