Tough Questions and Premature Answers

kennedy_coiff.jpgAnd here I thought this was supposed to be the slow point in the RSBS year. The elections are over (well, mostly) and baseball is still a couple months away from pitchers and catchers reporting. What could we possibly have to debate or comment on? Luckily, though, this is not your normal year. Thank god for shoe-throwing Iraqis, Kennedy-coiffed Illinois pols and baseball’s winter meetings.

With all of the problems facing the United States right now, it’s important that we ask the important questions. Like, is shoe chucking an attention getting scheme or a legitimate critique of American foreign policy? (Here’s a hint on that one. Anyone who actually understood the Middle East would not claim that the act was just about attention. Throwing your shoe is a mortal insult. If a shoe had been thrown at Zinedine Zidane, he would have head-butted the thrower.)

Or, with the city of New York involved in a free agency bubble that rivals the housing bubble and internet bubble combined, have the Mets become as evil as the Yankees or is their dauphin status chronic?

However, if we aren’t willing to answer these questions or concentrate on the imminent and necessary demise of the Big Three and the impending credit card crisis, there’s really only one other place we can go for solutions: the demented but brilliant mind of Andy Samberg.

Seriously, if that’s not a critique of US foreign policy, I don’t know what is.





    That video is the best explanation yet of what I experience everytime I log on to your blog. Keep up the good (and enjoyable) work….

  2. dhacks

    If us guys really make faces like Samberg, that may represent a greater threat to our prospects as a species than global warming or nuclear proliferation.

    Also, I’ll be rolling out a sister blog shortly, titled ‘Dauphin Status Chronic’. I dont know what it’s about yet.

    — Matt

  3. redstatebluestate

    Jane — Julia confirms that the Mets ARE as evil as the Yankees… she says it’s a NYC thang.
    Tim — You really do that every time you come to RSBS? Wait, so do I… nevermind 😉
    Julia — That something in the water is: lead.
    Matt — “Dauphin Status Chronic” Leave it to, Al to come up with that one.

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