Countdown to Retribution

lions and tigers.jpgMr. Allen Krause may have a point when he defines me as the saddest man in America whilst the St. Louis Cardinals front office gives new meaning to the word “crapjob”; indeed, watching a team known for its unbridled winning tradition falter into a debilitated trance under the penny-pinching antics of John Mozeliak is not only gut-wrenching, it’s depressing as well.  For unlike Mr. Krause and his coveted haphazard sports franchise affiliations (namely the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Lions), we Cardinal fans expect great things from our team every game, every day, every year.

We’re winners.

We’re not poster children for the Buddha’s life is suffering mantra.

And we’re certainly not dumb enough to make statements like “we’ll both revel in the genius that is Dave Dombrowski” before the most expensively bad team ever took the field.  That’s just plain irresponsibility in ten words or less.

If anyone should apologize to the dear readers of RSBS it should be Mr. Krause, who was so brazen in his blogging, so careless in his quips, so insensitive in his irrationality that he completely forgot about the 86 years of purely agonizing, flesh-eating hell that Red Sox fans went through before their ultimate redemption.  In essence, he called them whiny crybabies who cling to their guns and religion.

Didn’t you learn anything in 2008, Al?

I did.

I learned that there is no substitution for retribution.

And you’re old.
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Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. juliasrants

    Firstly – are we all invited to the big 3-0 party?? Um….flesh-eating hell…well, never heard it described like that – but yes we Red Sox fans kept the faith for a long time. And we were well rewarded. Sorry Jeff – I know it is still painful for you! And please – let us know where to send the gifts to!


  2. redstatebluestate

    Yes, Jane, that picture is an artistic rendition of Allen’s psyche.
    And Julia, you can send the gifts to:
    PO BOX 30, I Might As Well Be Dead, MICHIGAN 54321 😉

  3. Elizabeth D.

    That’s right about those 86 years! I was only alive during the first 11 of them, but when I became a baseball fan at 10, I was watching that game… the one with Tim Wakefield? And sometimes when I’m depressed and I just need to cry, I watch replays of the Bill Buckner play.
    Seems like both the Cardinals and the Padres (I learned this from Kaybee) are having front office troubles. Seems like the Padres are going to get bought soon. What are the poor Cardinals going to do??

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