The Commish

bush_little league.jpgAn interesting discussion arose yesterday based on Jeff’s post about Bud Selig’s “coolness.” Basically, the question of who Selig’s successor will be introduced itself into the commentary and made for some light jabs at the soon to be ex-president. However, the more I think about it, the more I think that the best possible person for the job would be my old friend, George W. Bush. Think about it.

There’s no possible way that GWB could run the league more ineptly than
has Selig. Now, I know his record of fiscal spending has not been what
one might call conservative but Bush’s handling of the Rangers as a
managing partner showed the first flash of business acumen that had
made his father and grandfather rich men. And who knows, maybe that
compassionate conservativism would make him want to help lower ticket
prices. I can dream, right?

Additionally, the man knows and loves baseball. You get that from watching him and from listening to him talk about the game. The Rangers definitely became a better team under him than they have been in the past several seasons and his actions made construction of a new ballpark possible. In addition, his dad even played baseball while attending Yale.

All of these things make him the anti-Selig. When I see Bud walking around, I get the feeling that he’s never even worn a baseball glove. He’s the guy who’s mom pinned a note to his shirt to get him out of gym class in middle school. It would be a nice change to have someone who actually cares about the game shepherding the league.

As if these weren’t reasons enough, I’ll leave it to the man himself to give the best reason of all. In the words of our 43rd president, “I never dreamed about being President, I wanted to be Willie Mays.”

So, it may still be a few years away but I would like to officially nominate George Walker Bush to be the next commissioner of Major League Baseball. And George, if you need it, I’m sure my friend, Mr. Lung, would be more than happy to be your chief-of-staff.



  1. raysrenegade

    I am on the fence about this right now. Maybe in about 4 years I will be more inclined to want Bush back into a position on power like this over baseball.

    We could at least be kept busy in the blog world with Bush-isms and obvious misquotes or missed definitions of his thoughts. But the more I think about it, the closer I can be to realizing there is merit to the idea. As long as the Texas Ranger do not try and revolt, it might be a good idea.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Elizabeth D.

    When I first read: “I think that the best possible person for the job would be my old friend, George W. Bush.” I couldn’t believe it because George Bush has kind of gotten us into a very, very sticky situation. And I don’t like him very much.
    But then I thought about it, like you said… and I came to realize, this could possibly work! Maybe he can’t run the country properly, but maybe he can run baseball. Just as long as it’s not Sarah Palin, I think we might be alright.

  3. PAUL

    I may throw my hat into the ring. Baseball needs a strong, decisive commissioner; and one young enough to handle the rigors of the job without getting emotional to the point of looking like he’s about to cry as Selig did during the World Series.

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