Being There (Part II)

Usher.jpgI didn’t attend just the inauguration this past weekend. Since the four days were jam-packed full of all sorts of goodies, I decided to partake in as much as the cold would allow me, which is how I found myself at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday afternoon. I have never seen such a star-studded event. In fact, I have never seen such a star-studded few days. If you were watching during the inauguration, you may have noticed that Jay-Z, Puffy and Magic Johnson were all up in the stage. And of course, Oprah. But this did not even begin to compare to the concert. Shakira and Usher singing with Stevie Wonder. Tom Hanks’ salute to the Great Emancipator. Jon Bon Jovi dueting on “A Change Gonna’ Come.” Jamie Foxx’s Obama impression. Denzel! Tiger! The Boss! The list goes on and on. All we needed was Jack Nicholson and it could have been court side at a Lakers game.

However, there was also something a little weird about the concert. Each performer acknowledged the crowd as they finished their piece but then each one of them also gave a little bow towards the man who had brought them there. The President elect gave only a short speech and he wasn’t even the one who ended the program (that honor went to the lovely Beyonce). But I couldn’t shake the sense that this felt more like a coronation than a concert. Now, I in no way want to imply that the event was intended as such nor do I think that our new President would think so of himself. It just felt kind of strange.

guardsmen.jpgBut if you really want to talk about strange, let me tell you about the locked-down state of the nation’s capitol. Almost every street corner had either police or National Guardsmen standing around. I’m not sure exactly what their function was and to be honest, it didn’t really bother me that much. But, it’s just a little disconcerting when in every place you walk in the town where you live, there are camouflaged men and women standing around.
humvee.jpgAll in all, though, it was a weekend to remember. It definitely had its highs and lows and I really wish that the 70 degree weather we enjoyed just a few weeks ago would have held off for this weekend instead. But, despite some miscues during the oath, power peacefully transitioned and the United States showed once again why “We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense.

So, that brings our RSBS salute to the inauguration to a close. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go continue my attempts at thawing out.


capitol inauguration.JPG



  1. juliasrants

    Good luck Allen! I hope you warm up soon and thanks for sharing about your time at the “big event”! And I’m glad you behaved yourself – I had a brother-in-law sitting around somewhere making sure everyone was good in DC!


  2. rockymountainway

    I know how you feel about the security. The DNC was the same and all the cages and fencing and such. As I was marching towards the Pepsi center they had blacked out some of the fencing so no one could see in. I moved part of it away while the army folks weren’t looking and saw a group of people blind folded with plastic ties wrapped around their wrists behind their backs. I thought, wow lookie lookie Guantanamo in Denver. I’m sure those people did something to get arrested and detained but what ever happend to good ol’ handcuffs and the back of a police car? As for respecting the office of the President from yesterday’s post. Surely I do and always will. That’s why I have voted from the moment I was able to. If I met W, I would have called him Mr. President and acted in such a manner as to respect the position. I could tell you dozens of reasons beyond soundbites of why I cast every vote I have because I respect the office that much. I’m not sure he respected it as much as he could have on his part, but thankfully those days are over.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    I think the inauguration itself should’ve ended with Barack Obama’s speech, but oh well. I’m glad you got to see a part of it, but I can’t even begin to imagine how cold it was!
    Funny story today actually, on my APUSH quiz, there was a bonus question which I don’t remember… but I do remember two of the choices.
    b. Jeffery (insert last name)
    c: Allen (insert last name)
    I LOL’d, but no one else seemed to get my RSBS reference!

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