A Guide for Passing the Time

Nothing says “It’s almost time for baseball” more than the Superbowl. On the one hand, the end of the NFL season means the next couple weeks are devoid of anything sportingly worthwhile. Basketball is fine but I don’t really care until the NCAA tournament rolls around. And hockey? Well, if the Red Wings are playing and there’s nothing else to do, maybe I’ll check it out. But the other side of this is knowing that in two short weeks (or maybe two long weeks) pitchers and catchers report.

So, what can we do to fill the time between now and then? How do we kill 14 days without losing it and accidentally killing something more? Here at RSBS, we’re compiling an ever-expanding list of things to do to pass the time until the baseball season finally begins.

detroit_frozen.jpgSight-Seeing Vacation in Detroit
What isn’t to love about the city that could have served as the backdrop for the movie “The Crow?” However, beyond seeing what is left of old Tiger Stadium and visiting Greektown, there are also new and exciting tourist destinations. For instance, the body frozen in ice. Or how about Ford field, site of 8 of the Lions’ 16 losses this past season? Hurry, though. It’s all going to thaw soon and then you’re in real trouble.

Reestablishing Diplomatic Ties with Iran
All they want is an apology. Is that so hard? Oh, really? We already tried that? Well, how about we try Venezuela instead. Caracas seems like a friendly place.

barack-michelle-fist-bump.jpgFinding the Most Famous Email Address in Washington
Apparently only a select few have access to the President via email. Where’s that transparency you told us about, Mr. President? If I can’t forward you emails from my Grandma about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim, then what…….oh, right. Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t want those emails either.

Helping Jeff Feel Sorry for Himself

Nevermind. It looks like he already has that one under control.

So, there you go. Already we have four ideas for you and there’s no telling how the list will grow. Happy Superbowl and just so you know, I will be cheering for Arizona. What can I say? When you’re a Lions fan, you just get used to cheering for the underdog.




  1. katie22

    One of my favorite moments of the whole damn election was the look on John McCain’s face when the old lady he had handed the mic to at a rally started calling Obama a Muslim. It was a look of sheer horror. It was priceless.

    I feel ya about the waiting. I feel like opening day is years away. I know that pitchers and catchers report in two weeks but darn it I want to go to a game! At least we have MLB network now.


  2. iliveforthis

    Those all sound like really great ways to pass the time, finding the President’s e-mail and helping Jeff feel sorry for himself are probably my favorite. Along with Katie, I do remember when that woman said she “didn’t trust that Obama, he’s an Arab.” Hilarious. I was also cheering for the Cardinals, so it looks like we both lost out.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Shouldn’t a trip to Detroit also include the Red Wings’ 11 (probably soon to be 12) Stanley Cup wins? Or are you guys so busy whining about the Lions and the Tigers and the miserable economy that you have forgotten about all those?

    And maybe Ozzie Guillen can help us forge diplomatic ties with Venezuela. He seems pretty tight with our new prez. “Ambassador Ozzie Guillen” has a nice ring to it, no?

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