Best Week Ever?

It’s Friday afternoon and there isn’t a whole lot for me to say. What happened this week? Well, they found the remains of a snake that ate crocodiles as a snack. I’m like Indiana Jones in that I really hate snakes so the fact that these animals once existed does not make me feel comfortable. I’ve seen Tremors. I know what’s lurking.

But as bad as that is, at least I haven’t had the week that Barack Obama has had. You know it’s bad when he’s two weeks into his term and the news sites are reporting that he just gave “the most pointedly partisan speech of his young presidency.” Seriously guys, already? I expect this from Ann Coulter but Politico?

Sometimes you just have to give in and except it, though. And as bad as Obama and the Arizona NBC affiliate may have had it, at least they’re in a better place than little David.

Or are they?




  1. juliasrants

    Oh my – the memories that brought back! When our youngest son was 5 he badly broke his arm and the drugs they gave him when they set it make him act like that. Spongebob was on the TV in his hospital room and he was so funny telling us – “I see 2 Spongebobs – one there and one there!” The dad did a great job not to laugh to much!


  2. Elizabeth D.

    That video made my entire week! Was that the kid in the ‘Funny Baseball Video’? They look kind of similar. Kind of. I don’t like snakes, but I hate moths more.
    I’m still laughing at David, he’s so funny!

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Unfortunately even Politico isn’t safe from the mouthbreathers, though they don’t have as many as the National Review or the Huffington Post.

    And that poor kid. That’s about how I felt when I had my wisdom teeth out. At least I think that’s how I felt, all the Vicodin has made my recall a little fuzzy.

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