An Unseasonably Warm Lament

gravestone.jpgIt’s 55 degrees in Chicago today and my entire Bridgeport neighborhood is wet with the sound of Irish keening.

We should all be outside, throwing the ball around with the neighborhood kids, hitting grounders with the fungo bat and telling little Jimmy to keep his eye on the ball, to level his swing.

Instead, we find ourselves trapped inside our apartments — breaking things — deeply saddened by today’s news and seriously questioning our loyalty to a game that continues to let us — an entire nation — down.

This, my friends, will be the legacy of Bud Selig.

Screw revenue sharing.  Forget the WBC.  Eat it on interleague play.

Bud Selig is the sole reason why we the fans — the rock-solid foundation of Major League Baseball — find ourselves in the midst of yet another seriously debilitating depression.

Go ahead, Bud.  Pretend like you didn’t know anything.  Entertain your highfalutin, self-righteous, narcissistic thoughts as being the trailblazing ambassador of the game.

We know. 

Yes.  We all know.

The Truth is: YOU dropped the ball.

And you will forever be remembered for that.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    As disgusting as this is all turning out to be, there is a tiny glimmer of hope that I just found by reading this. I have hope with little Jimmy. If we tell all the little Jimmys of the world that this is bad and this is wrong, maybe they’ll be the ones to grow up and fix everything Selig and the steroid users have messed up.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I hope Selig reads this. Ugh, days like these make it hard to be unashamed to call yourself a baseball fan. I don’t know how the game can get out the hole it’s dug itself but it needs to happen soon.. and the first step is releasing it all now instead having it revealing little by little out of the blue, continuing the damage. I know it was supposed to be anonymous and blah blah blah, but c’mon.. this has to end.
    – V [ ]

  3. juliasrants

    Jeffy – Today I do “hate” you because you are right. Because our hearts have been trampled again. And I’m Red Sox fan and I can’t even find a glimmer of humor in this because it was a Yankees player who was caught. The knot in the middle of stomach is getting tighter and with each blog that I read that is written by a young Yankees fan here it hurts even more. Buddy – I know I said in a blog earlier this week that you & I were “tight” – I’d like to take that back. You are not a person I want to be friends with right now. END IT! Or you know what? We fans will take it into our own hands – and you won’t like it.


  4. Jane Heller

    Sad to say, I doubt it will end. Athletes are human beings and there will always be some who cheat the system, just like “regular people” do. (Madoff anyone?) So baseball will come up with a new test. Then there will be a new drug that’s undetectable. And so on.

  5. Erin Kathleen

    Amen. Let’s not forget the role Selig and all of the owners played in this whole mess. At the very least they turned a blind eye to the shenanigans, at worst they actively encouraged doping. Whatever puts butts in seats, you know.

  6. dhacks

    Similar to Wall St, at the heart of baseball is a Culture of Deception, aimed at enriching elite at the expense of ordinary folks. I agree Selig dropped the ball, but this deception implicates franchise owners, the MLBPA, agents and players as well. And sadly, I think, it implicates us.

    Unlike a Wall St victim who was misled on derivatives, adult baseball fans should more or less “know” they’re being hoodwinked. If we whine about steroids, then go out and buy $50 seats by the foulpole year after year after year, I wonder if we really have anyone to blame but ourselves.

  7. rosehof14

    Singing your praises man! I wrote on the cash cow of Bud a while ago on my blog Bud Selig not a fan of baseball, but he does love his money He’s like a NBC educational spot “The More you Know”

    Get him outta here!!!


  8. redstatebluestate

    I think Matt at Diamondhacks hit it on the head here. I guess I am just as guilty, ain’t I? What do I do now?

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