RSBS Featured at Rocky Mountain Way (Part II)

allenkrause.jpgFrom outside Coors Field, looking in, that strapping young Rockies’ enthusiast Tom Walsh has gone deep inside the commodious mind of yet another (perhaps even more intelligent but slightly less outspoken) RSBS stunner.  That’s right folks, the internationally acclaimed Allen Krause sat down with Walsh on the Rocky Mountain Way’s latest edition of “Timeout at the Plate”.

Want to know just how well your precious, seemingly endless tax dollars are being spent? 

Then you better click *HERE* to read the full interview.

Expect to be wowed — not by his endless adoration for that abomination of a baseball franchise known as the Detroit Tigers, but by his inability to accept reality.




    There comes a point where we have to move on from what happened in ’06. We got more than we could have asked for that year and while the Tigers looked my JV baseball team from Plainwell High School (<< the same high school Allen went to) for 5 games of the world series…. at least they beat the freakin Yankees! So here is what I would like to see the talking heads that are RSBS debate: The curse of the corner: Woodward @ Montcalm. If you were to ask me (which no one did which is why I am writing this) it’s no coincidence that the two Detroit sports franchises located at this corner have such a troubled recent history. Somehow even while enjoying moderate success; tigers Playoff run of ’06 and the lions starting 6-2 in ’07, they always seem to fold; Tigers 5 game sweep in the WS and the lions finishing out 1-7 to miss the playoffs. Worse yet, when expectations are high, Lions and Tigers in ’08, you know how this story goes, they fold like congress to President Bush’ patriot act in ’01 which effectively wiped out half of the US constitution. But it gets worse, our franchises located away from the cursed corner; the Red Wings and the Pistons, enjoy continued success and both sport Championships in the past five years. So what gives? Is it the ghost of the manufacturing jobs that came to Detroit and died? Is it the rampant de-urbanization of a once proud city? Or is there something bigger here I’m missing?

  2. redstatebluestate

    Are you missing something? Yes. The Tigers just ain’t that good. I don’t think it has much to do with that corner… perhaps more to do with the hot corner: Inge? Cabrera? Guillen? Can someone just play third base for crying out loud?


    Inge can only overplay third base by making the plays no one else can but throwing the routine grounders into the visitng dugout. Cabrera moves like Rosie O’Donelll after two hours at Shoneys (yes they serve spam on their breakfast buffet) so that leaves Guillen. With Guillen and Cabrera more likely to alternate at DH and 1B that leaves…. Jeff Larish. Looks like the answer to your question is ‘No’. Maybe they will finally see the light with Dontrelle and give up on his pitching career. With the arm he already has and the ‘cat-like reflexes’ attained from several years on the mound he could be converted into a neckalce wearing third baseman like nothing weve ever seen. Or we’ll just keep paying him 20mm a year to throw BP to 19 year olds playing A-ball.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Sounds like a good deal, David. I’ve seen those baseball for youth commercials featuring D-train and he does well with kids so A-Ball sounds like a good fit. P.S., no one throws a ball into the dugout like Brandon Inge. He’s a blooper-reel keeper.

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