Friday Afternoon Madcap Recap

AROD_Radar.jpgYou know, just a week ago I was lamenting the lack of baseball related drama and filling up space with videos of kids on (legal) drugs. Man, things sure changed in a hurry. A-Rod, Tejada, Abreu, Oswalt, Dunn. All of them hit the news in the past week, although under very different circumstances. Add in pitchers and catchers reporting today and you got yourself one heck of a week in baseball.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the week in politics (our bread if you consider baseball to be our butter) got a little crazy, too. Stimulus plans, Juan Williams invoking Stokely Carmichael and Michelle Obama and more cabinet nominee hyjinks were just the beginning. Seriously guys. If y’all could parcel this out over the course of a couple weeks instead of just one, I’d really appreciate it.

However, it’s times like these when we really need to concentrate on what’s important. And those things, in no particular order, are:

-Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday was yesterday. I think you’ve heard of him before. Really? Not ringing a bell, huh? 16th President. Born in a log cabin. Face on the penny and five dollar bill. Still nothing? Thank god for Wikipedia.

-Despite the fact that Erin Andrews doesn’t do it for me, apparently she does it for quite a few other people. (via Deadspin but you may not want to open that link if you’re at work or your computer is monitored)

Jose Offerman is one crazy *** mother-f@&%#er.

-Despite lying on national television and then turning around and eating a big ol’ slice of humble pie, A-Rod will still get more action in one night than I will see in the next year. Possibly two.

-But the most important news item is that RSBS has reached its paper anniversary and in honor of that (and because I need a vacation), I will be heading to Chicago tomorrow to hang out with Mr. Lung. There are a few ideas simmering in the ol’ crockpot and if it all works out, we hope to serve up a nice, thick RSBS stew next week. Man, if that metaphor was Whitney, I guess that would make me Bobby.

Happy Friday!




  1. juliasrants

    Did you know that yesterday was also Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday? Consider that your history lesson of the day! Have a great time in Chicago. Make sure you buy Jeff some flowers for Valentine’s Day! And please, we don’t want to read about the two of you getting arrested!


  2. raysrenegade

    Ever thought of changing your name in a bar to maybe, oh…..John Smotlz. It really is a shame that A Rod has to have a cheat sheet to even remember who he has been with in the last 6 months.

    But then again, before all this happened, didn’t we all for a brief moment want to be him with a few million dollars spread out all over our beds and swim in it. Could have been worse, he could of had to settle for Jeter’s seconds.

    Rays Renegade

  3. rockymountainway

    Where my Bobby, where my Bobby? Bobby? Poor Bobby ain’t no more Whitney. Enjoy Chi-town and dump some beer on the ground for my former self. Check my blog and you’ll understand. Cubs shafted me with two games in the majors. Where my Bobby…?

  4. Erin Kathleen

    That can’t be A-Rod, those women aren’t muscular enough for his liking. And it looks like that poor girl is trying to get away from him anyway. Have fun in Chicago; I will be checking the police blotter regularly for updates on what you two are up to.

  5. Elizabeth D.

    You’re right, Jose Offerman IS crazy. You don’t hear about guys charging the mound with a bat too often. Wikipedia is writing my research paper, and will be basically every source. I hope my US history teacher won’t be upset.


    dude, erin andrews doesnt do it for you? i know the reason but still not a statement to be made in public. random observations i am making about your post. vacation to chicago in february is like school in the summertime. kids on legal drugs… well thats like adults on legal drugs, my favorite thing on tv all weekend was seeing one of those oh so informative war on drugs commercials telling you how much you will let down yourself, your family and the world down if you smoke ‘marijuana’ followed byyyyyy you got it, a liquor commercial, because all adults are responsible and would never think of drinking in excess.. right? as usual, perception fact. nice use of the word y’all, being a student of southern lexicon here are a couple more i would like to see incorporated at some point, instead of yellow, ‘yaller’, instead of Massachusetts, how about ‘Massatussess’ (pronouced Mass-uh-too-sess) and if something is good, i mean really good, perhaps its good enough to ‘make you wanna slap your momma’.

    little Krause

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