The Modern Era All-Corrupt Baseball-Politico Team

american flag.jpgClearly established is the fact that perhaps nothing is what it seems these days.  From Alex Rodriguez gallivanting around the Dominican streets with his cousin scoring steroid sauce because he was “young and stupid” to Larry Craig simply taking a timeout in an airport restroom because he needed to “relax”, we, as US Americans, would be doing ourselves and our country a great disservice by not postulating the underlying motives and behind-the-scenes shenanigans that make up our anti-apotheoses of leadership.

Guilty until proven innocent?

Why not?  This is America after all.  We do what we want, when we want (see Iraq, Guantanamo, “W” for more information).

Baseball, democracy, Erin Andrews being all hot and sexy… these are as astutely American as a Paris Hilton reality television show; so it should be no surprise when they eventually fall victim to our insatiable desire for dirt. 

So why not celebrate the fecundity of our backpage headliners… bring them together, assemble a stellar nine to barnstorm the backwoods, villages and small towns of this great nation?

Well, I have thought about it and I am all for it and I am doing something about it, damnit. 

baseball park.jpgDear readers, I now present the All-Corrupt Baseball-Politico Team:

Marion Barry — CF
At the top of the lineup we need speed; and who better to give us speed than a bonafide crackhead?  Believe me, folks, Barry will get on base  — perhaps even manage to free-base — all the while giving pitchers (and Washingtonians) nightmares better fit for an episode of The Wire.

Eliot Spitzer — 2B
He’s scrappy, he’s fast, he leaves his socks on.  With a name like Spitzer (see Roberto Alomar), Eliot’s the guy I want at second base.  As patient in the number two hole (wink, wink) as he was hypocritical during his gubernatorial reign, Eliot is a surefire shot taker whom I definitely want on my team because he knows where to buy all the hot chicks.

Kwame Kilpatrick — 1B
The bigger, the fatter, the sloppier the man, the better the first baseman.  Well, at least that is how they do things in Detroit.  And Kwame, though once a sharp dresser, now looks a bit haggard after those 99 days in jail.  The fact is, defensively liable players often end up at first base.  On the plus side, Kwame is a big target and he has the agile hands of a 14 year-old text messaging champion.

Bill Clinton — 3B

No one knows his way around third base better than Slick Willy.  Besides, this position requires a bit of flash peppered with a sprig of charm… not to mention an oh-so-faint cheating character.  Of course, there are doubts that Clinton could handle the duties of a clean-up man (refer to the stained blue dress) but if we know anything, we know that Bubba is always full of surprises.

John Edwards — SS
Protect a cheater with a cheater: enter John Edwards.

Rod Blagojevich — DH
Now here’s a guy who comes to play, pays to play, forces others to pay to play, whatever; he’s a player.  Widely known as a bit of a primper, Blago manages to fill the flashy DH role better than most.  His only drawback: if you take him out of the game he will continue to run his idiot mouth.

Roland Burris — RF

Admittedly, the only reason Roland has a spot on this squad is because he’s in tight with the DH; but by now we all know it didn’t take long for Burris to wield his own personal bat of corruption and make a stately name for himself.  And let’s face it: Burris has quick feet, able to change his story faster than you can say Chicago Democratic Machine.

George Ryan — LF
Bringing up the rear of our team’s famed corrupt Illinois politician trifecta (CITP) is the always forlorn oft uninteresting George Ryan.  He’s fat.  He’s slow.  He’s a left fielder.  But the man knows how to sell contracts, licenses and leases on behalf of his team, so it’s always good to have a guy who can get things when you’re on the road half the season.

Dick Cheney — C
The scowling shot-caller.  The calloused captain.  The man who hides behind a mask.  With the entire field in front of him and myriad opportunities to talk s*** behind people’s backs, it is quite evident that Cheney was born to catch.  More fierce than a misguided, misled, mishandled bombardier, he’ll chat the opposing hitter up as much as possible, flashing his hunting rifle from time to time to gain a psychological edge.  Arrrrggghhh.

Larry Craig — P
Bringing up the rear, ahem, Larry Craig is one of those subversive anomalies of the baseball-politico reality.  Sure, he can pitch; but he can catch too, which makes him all the more valuable to a team going long and far down that dirt road called destiny.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. redstatebluestate

    Thanks, Julia.
    Yes, Erin, you make a good point. Put Dubya at the helm and let’s watch this baby sink!

  2. alwaysthejake

    It’s possible the Indians might come up a little short handed in the 3B dept. if DeRosa moves over to second. I’m constructing a letter of recommendation as we speak to skipper Eric Wedge for the consideration of Bill “Big Willy” Clinton. Thanks for the insight!

    Sarah [[ ]

  3. redstatebluestate

    Tom — I’d advise against that — wait, no, I mean, I advise that.
    Sarah — Slick Willy does have a no-trade clause in his contract, so lookout.
    Russell — Yet ANOTHER reason to have him on your squad!
    V — Never letting go… that muff is such a classic. I’m keeping it alive.
    Jane — Yay!!!!
    Lil Krause — That’s how we get down at RSBS: “pure hilarity”.

  4. PAUL

    The Eliot Spitzer comment about socks made me shiver uncomfortably. Dunno if I’d have Burriss in there; Sarah Palin’s a better choice I’d say.
    Larry Craig never struck me as the “catcher” if you get my drift; and Cheney’s more of a guy who’ll visit a dominatrix rather than get involved with Craig’s proclivities. (The safe word is “Dubya”)

  5. redstatebluestate

    That’s okay, Joe. Stick with us. You’ll learn something.
    Prince — Burriss got in also because he’s relevant; I’m still reeling over the possibility of Palin being in any position of power, so I purposely left her out this time (plus, she’s a girl — uh oh, watch out!). I think Craig could go both ways. Thanks for the safe word. We’re good to go now.

  6. raysrenegade

    Now all you have to do is find one of those spin doctors that worked during the Nixon administration like John Dean to be the manager.

    That list is mighty impressive, and would rule the former Soviet Union like Stalin. Wow, I almost forgot a few of those names and here you go and bring the funk back into my mind. Great job.

    Next up, maybe the all- sex symbol team? I know you guys would do it justice.

    Rays Renegade

  7. redstatebluestate

    IBDB — How could one forget about Rangel!?! Good call!
    Brian — We’re all about zingers here. ZING!
    RR — Consider it in the works… the All-Sex Symbol team… hmmm… you think A-Rod makes the list?

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