I Got ‘Em, but I Ain’t Happy About It

cardinals fan.jpgBefore interleague, before realignment, the St. Louis Cardinals and
Chicago Cubs used to battle; they decimated each other in a bonafide on-the-field theatre of war much like the Yankees/Red Sox and
Dodgers/Giants do today.

But with six teams crammed into the
National League Central, each vying for a top spot with Selig’s odds
stacked against them and the unnecessary evil of force-feeding a
delusional I-70 rivalry that requires the Cardinals to play the Royals two
times a year, what was once the toast of classy baseball rivalries has
been diddled down to a mere four series a season, which allows me the
opportunity to see my ball club make a trip to my home (Chicago) just twice.

Didn’t Selig get the memo?  I thought the world revolved around me.

Guess not.

like all loyal Cardinal fans living in the Chi, I too was first in the
interweb line to purchase tickets for the Cardinals/Cubs series: one
four game set in April and one three game set in July.

I logged
on to cubs.com and was told to “Please be patient. We are experiencing
a high volume of requests at this time. You will be notified when your
spot in the queue is ready.”

Besides being impressed that Cubs personnel could spell “queue”, I sat patiently, waiting my turn.

For an hour.

And then another hour.

And then another… and another… and another…

After waiting patiently for five and a half hours, I was told it was finally my turn. 

I could not buy tickets for the July 10 game (sold out) or the July 11
game (also sold out) or the July 12 game (it’s f***ing sold out, dude)
or the April 18 game (goddamn it, it’s sold the **** out, man!).

bought tickets for the Sunday night ESPN game on April 19.  And then,
before I could celebrate even the smallest of victories, I was booted
out of the ticketing system — the online equivalent of having been peed

wrigley_field.jpgImmediately, I ventured on to Stubhub were I was delighted
to see that I could buy tickets to all of those games I wanted to see
for the same price my health insurance company rapes me for every month. 
In other words, a $22
upperdeck-there’s-a-giant-metal-column-blocking-my-view ticket at
Wrigley starts out at $125 a pop.  Two tickets, do the math, is $250.


Better not get sick this summer.

it is for the best though.  It is no secret that once I step in that
dilapidated craphole cathedral known as Wrigley Field, donning my
Molina jersey in all its 2006 WS Championship glory, my Old Style
soused tongue and seedy underworld presence tend to get me trounced
more often than I would like.

But you can bet I’ll find a way.

So don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. flairforthedramatic

    “the online equivalent of having been peed on”.. LOL.. sorry to hear that.. I sadly have felt that way once or twice when I tried to bag tix.
    Don’t get me started on StubHub though.. complete rip off. Not only do they resell tix for outrageous prices, but the extra fee they slap on just for being the middle man might as well be more than the damn ticket itself.
    The price of tickets are getting more and more ridiculous these days. Did people not get the memo about the crummy economy?
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  2. Elizabeth D.

    It is impressive when people can spell queue. I only know because I take french… And the world does revolve around you Jeff, duh. We all know Selig isn’t perfect. Can’t these internet sites tell us when tickets are being sold out so we don’t waste our time? Thank god for stubhub!

  3. redstatebluestate

    Julia — There will be… soon.
    V — It’s true: getting peed on is not fun.
    Jen — Leave it to the sCrUBS to make it so impossible.
    Russell — I hate Canadiens. (when I say “hate” I mean “envy”)
    Jane — Well, I didn’t travel with the team half the summer, so I can’t be that far gone 😉
    Elizabeth — French will help you in a lot of ways… like when we talk about the long gone Montreal Expos.
    Joe — Everyone owns a Pujols jersey. Molina was the hero in 2006. Mr. Clutch himself. I was a catcher growing up so I don the Molina gear in honor of that. Ya-Di Ya-Di Ya-Di!

  4. katie22

    I totally agree with you, Jeff, that six teams in the NL central doesn’t make any sense and is grossly unfair. Nor is it fair that teams in the AL West only have to beat three teams to make the playoffs. Also, I find it highly fishy that the team that switched leagues just happened to be Selig’s own Milwaukee Brewers. I’m not sure how, exactly, but it’s bad medicine, if you ask me. Bad, bad medicine.


  5. redbirdchatter

    Wow! And, I thought it was a challenge (and expensive) for me to see a Cardinals game, since it involves not only tickets, but hotel reservations, plane tickets or at least a long drive, but I think you win.
    I don’t know if I would wear my Molina jersey to Wrigley. It might get Cubbie Cooties. And, yes, I only have a Molina jersey for the same reasons you described. Ya-Di! Ya-Di!


  6. ccrbirdbrained

    I do not own a Pujols jersey, but I will someday. As the once-proud former owner of a McGwire jersey, I learned that it’s a good idea to be absolutely certain about a player’s importance to your team (and the sport as a whole) before advertising him on your back. Pujols and Molina may be the only exceptions to this rule for now. But just to be certain I’ll stick with my powder blue #51.

    How are the scalpers on the streets around Wrigley these days? A few years back I sat in the bleachers for a Cards-Cubs game and paid $40 per ticket from a guy that had a crapload of them fanned out in his hand like a geisha.


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