A Little Ash Wednesday Voodoo

Tiger_Stadium_demolition.jpgLast year about this time I was already discussing the Tigers’ World Series victory parade and trying to figure out how I would attend. Turns out I may have been a little premature in my expectations. Luckily, I learned my lesson and will never again have expectations about the Tigers.

Or at least that’s what I thought until this article popped in my Yahoo today. What am I supposed to think when I read this:

Rick Knapp, the new pitching coach in Detroit, held up his hands. “We’re only 10 days into camp,” he protested. But his eyes shone. And the corners of his mouth couldn’t beat back the grin.

The last thing that anyone who roots for Detroit (the city or any of its teams) needs is hope. And that’s exactly what stories like this provide.

I prefer the “What strange disease did Joel Zumaya contract this offseason” type of story. That rings true. Even the “Fernando Rodney wrestled an alligator” story is acceptable because then you just kind of expect the worst. But all of these Miguel Cabrera looking relaxed and Dontrelle Willis actually hitting the strike zone stories have the opposite effect. They make you re-evaluate the lineup and wonder if maybe we do have a chance in an admittedly weak AL Central.  

It’s kind of like the lead up to Obama’s inauguration. You keep telling yourself that he’s just a man and there’s no way he can right all the wrongs of the past eight years overnight. But you can’t help it. You hear the news. You see what’s happening. And you start to think, well, maybe it could happen.

No, not for me that kind of optimism. I’ll take my seat over here, firmly ensconced in the misanthrope camp. Rick Porcello looks good? So did Dontrelle. Cabrera is finally coming into his own? We thought the same of Renteria. With both Rodney and Zumaya healthy, the most heated battle is for the closer position? I’m sure Zumaya has a travel version of Guitar Hero with him.

See, I’ve been a fan of the Lions and Tigers for long enough to know better. So, how about you check in with me at the All-Star break and then we can chat about Porcello, Cabrera and Zumaya, ok? Until then, I’ll just be sitting here with my Ozzie Guillen voodoo doll, trying to figure out what crazy thing I can make him say next.



  1. Erin Kathleen

    Don’t worry, Allen, the Tigers will be just fine this year. You guys got…Adam Everett and Juan Rincon, so I’m sure you can start planning that WS parade now. And I thought Brandon Lyon was supposed to be the closer.

    Of course, baseball prospectus thinks my Twins will only win 79 games this year, so I have no business mocking the Tigers.

  2. drkrause83@yahoo.com

    being hopeful or optimistic about the tigers is like being hopeful that the house you bought in Florida in 2006 was gonna double in value in the next year. some things were just never meant to work out.
    when the tigers crush your soul as they inevitably will, just remember to look on the brightside, we still have the Red Wings.

  3. ccrbirdbrained

    Hey, weren’t the Tigers in the World Series just a couple of years ago? Things are much better now than earlier this decade when they were losing 150 games per year. I think the AL Central will be pretty competitive this season, but the Tigers have just as good a chance as any (well, maybe a better chance than the Royals) to win that division.



  4. rrrt

    So is that a picture of your seat when last year’s expectations went up in flames? 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist. But that’s the great thing about baseball – anything can happen this year!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. raysrenegade

    Trust me on this.
    By the end of the Spring Training, you will love Edwin Jackson. The kid will just charm you with the way he is going to become better and better this year.

    He might end up in the fifth slot, but that is fine. He will do great in that position. Remember, he did win 14 games with the Rays in 2008, and had two games taken from him by two blown Troy Percival save opportunities going awry.

    Detroit’s pitching coach has good reason to grin, smile or even do an Irish jig. They will be so much better than 2008.

    Rays Renegade


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