Note to Yankee Fans: Your OWN Tradition Says You Don’t Need Names On Your Jerseys

yankee fans jerseys.jpgNot my rule. 


And since I have heard the Yankee fan speech on why names are not pertinent to your ball club more times than Alex Rodriguez has lied to the public, I say ya’ll should stick to your own program.


Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(Image courtesy of the Associated Press)


  1. Orangebird

    I always thought nameless jerseys were stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can understand at where people know them already but on the road it’s stupid.
    Up In Section 360

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    The whole work ethic/team unity thing doesn’t apply today. No more are the Yankees just a number of guys that all contribute heavily in their own way. They never really were with Babe Ruth stealing the spotlight in the 20’s. I guess that attitude change in the 30’s and 40’s. Now, all the players are out money. Maybe Jeter actually cares about the team, I don’t know?? I definately agree with this post. Those fans have to get it together! It is probably my most hated Yankee pet peeve too, among many.


    Seeing as how there is very little that is truly authentic about most Yankees fans (many lack greatly in the following categories: knowledge of baseball, knowledge of the team, knowledge of driving laws, knowledge of reading and writing), this should not come as a surprise.
    To those Yankees fans who have been fans for more than the Jeter era I would say this to you, by an authentic nameless jersey, and wear it to a Knicks game. If anyone at the game asks you, ‘Whose jersey is that?’ Slap them. That’s pride.

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