Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

arod-details.jpgI don’t want to write about A-Rod but how can I not? I mean, the man is just a never-ending fount of ridiculousness. Divorce my wife? Why not? Try on some steroids for size? Don’t mind if I do. Pay for sex and then date the stable’s boss? Done and done. It’s just too easy. Like shooting a barrel. Not the fish inside the barrel. Just the barrel.

That’s done. No one wants to see pictures of A-Rod making out with himself. We don’t want to hear about his slum-lord tendencies. No, it’s time for us to officially move on. And this time I really mean it. Kind of. I mean, if it turns out that he’s operating some sort of kidnapping ring that sells poor Bronx children into slavery overseas, we’re going to have to talk about it. In fact, if (when?) that happens, just remember that you heard it here first.

But, with the baseball season mere days away and Jeff giddily dancing around his apartment like it’s Christmas morning, we need to focus. Focus on the drama ahead of us. On the potential dogfights in the different divisions. On figuring out who this year’s sleeper team is going to be. There’s so much good in baseball that it just doesn’t make sense to focus on the bad.

However, as we get ready to head into a new season, it doesn’t hurt to remember that some things never go out of season. That’s why although St. Patrick’s Day was last week, I’m going to leave you with this. Please, don’t thank me. I’m just doing my job.


-Photo from Details via DailyStab
-Video from a random Facebook friend


  1. mayz

    The craziest thing to me is that ARod managed to skate by with a squeaky clean image until so recently. The stories aren’t as amazing to me as the fact that they flew under the radar for so long.

    BTW- just created my Indians blog yesterday. Feel free to check it out if you ever want to read up on the Tribe.


  2. redstatebluestate

    I always dance around my apartment when Jesus is part of the conversation. Who doesn’t? I bet Alex-Don’t-Call-Me-A-Rod-Anymore-Rodriguez does too… though I must admit I draw the line at making out with myself on a mirror.

  3. yankeesfan2009

    Did you hear that Arod roofied a cheerleader and killed her in her sleep. Also the Tajada thing is funny. Aparently you shouldn’t lie to liers. Congress should have more importnt things ro do than medling in baseball. Perhaps they should investivgate HgH use in competitive beer pong.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Why is the image of me dancing turning people away? My mother says I’m a very good dancer… she even compared my abilities to Usher, MJ and James Brown.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Where does he find those vids? He does nothing but watch youtube all day long. Some fun times, Al’s havin’, eh?

  6. raysrenegade

    Isn’t that the University of Miami face-to-face drill where you curse yourself out and see if you get upset? Or was that the University of Miami mugshot close up check to make sure you look mean enough in the camera.
    Sorry A-Rod, but thug life will never be for you. Got it playa!

    Rays Renegade

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, good stuff. I didn’t think Alex would still be in the headlines, but the guy somehow always manages to find a way. It must be an odd talent of his. Though it may be nice to not hear his name every day, what would the press do without him?
    – V [ ]

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