RSBS TV: Talkin’ Baseball

Produced, shot and edited by Atonal Studios.

Special thanks to Theo Roll.

Very special thanks to Sam Adams, for getting us where we wanted to go.

And yes, to answer your question in advance: I had an itch.

(For best playback results, watch in High Quality)



  1. flairforthedramatic

    “X-T-R-I-… Pirate!” LOL x2..
    Ahh, good stuff. I don’t know if Steinbrenner would go for your proposal about lap dances @ Yankee Stadium.. but I’m pretty sure it’s only because he likes to keep all the strippers for himself.
    MLBlogs needs more of RSBS TV [specifically more of it w/ the beer drinking Jeff & Allen, hehe..] =)
    – V [ ]

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I thought I was the only person who felt it was unnecessary to play “God Bless America.” Thank you for validating my feelings, Allen. Another hilarious entry by the RSBS guys. You never disappoint. And thanks for answering my question in advance, Jeff. 🙂

  3. redstatebluestate

    V — If Steinbrenner can still get “enjoyment” out of women, then more power to him. LOL.
    Melissa — I think you’re on to somethin’. Let’s make it happen. PIRATE!
    Jen — No problem. I can read minds (a little bit and I’m right on that .05% of the time).
    Julia — You’re disagreeing with Al. Not me. I like it. And I’m always right, so there ya go.

  4. mayz

    I think teams are milking (and will continue to milk into the 2009 offseason) the effects of the economy on baseball. I couldn’t be happier about it. I think that management has needed a way to cut back on salaries and commitments to players for a while now, and the union is so strong its not something they can realistically fight for and win.


  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Here is some anti-nationalism coming from a person that doesn’t even share the same nation as you guys.

    I secretly prefer American beer over Canadian, but don’t tell anyone in Canada. Love Sam Adams.

    I’m hoping a good start for the Jays can put some buts in the seats. We are a club that stands to get hit pretty hard from all this apparently. The Canadian dollar is also declining, that hurts the club.

  6. .

    Sam Adams is where it’s at gentlemen. I prefer Blackberry Witbier over White Ale though. I was sucked into the 2009 MLB $50 ticket season by the inaugural year of Citi Field. Buying as much tickets as I did this season was totally appropriate, despite the amount of money I have lost. About how many games do you two get out to in a season?

    – Donnie

  7. redstatebluestate

    Jason — Interesting point. I don’t know if they’re “milking” it, but the smart teams are using it to their advantage. They have to really.
    Homer — I don’t blame you, although, Labatt Blue ain’t too bad.
    Steve — Just showing our patriotism (and good taste).
    Donnie — Between Sox Park and Wrigley and my trips down to Busch and wherever else I go during the season, I get to about 20 games a year. I sit in the cheap seats though usually, unless I’m at a park where no one goes to the games (like Dolphin Stadium) and I can get good seats at a decent price.

  8. redstatebluestate

    That’s one thing we’re always good for, Jenn. Been a tough week for Phillies fans’ hearts so far. We got your back.

  9. redstatebluestate

    We didn’t even know there was a camera there, Jane. That’s just how we roll. Besides, Allen doesn’t have a good side.

  10. popejonash

    I love that you have a section in here called ‘Extraneous blogs’. Coincidence? Probably, right? 🙂 Keep up the hot work guys. How often do youpost your videos on here?Ash

  11. mlbtribefan

    I’m tired of always blaming the economy for what a team does or does not does not do on a field. To go to games, I had to start working at them for a good majority. However, I hope the Indians will not say their poor start has to do with economy. They spent more this year than in the recent past. I want sound, focused fundamentals to be executed, one game at a time for a total of 162 plus 11 playoff games. This is the goal of all 30 teams, I would hope.

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