The God of Small Things

madeleine.jpgNow, when you read that title you probably thought I was referring to the well-reviewed, over-hyped and altogether underwhelming book written several years ago by Ms. Arundhati Roy. But that’s not it. In fact, I hate that book. Seriously, it’s a two minute story that takes her 200 pages to tell. The girl died and India has a lot of problems. Why not just say that? I mean, get to the point all ready. You’re not Proust and I’m not impressed….uh, where was I? Oh, right. The god of small things. See, in my world this refers to something much simpler: the joy that can be taken from seemingly insignificant events that come to mean something more.

The past week has been replete with these sorts of happenings. As a fan of the Tigers I can’t help but be tickled by Brandon Inge’s early season heroics. Homeruns in each of the first three games? Stellar defense? What’s not to love? I don’t expect this continue all season long but these small things keep us going.

Similarly, despite my intense dislike of the Yankees, I still enjoyed Nick Swisher’s inning on the mound. It doesn’t hurt when the deficit is double digits and the Rays are going all Dresden on the Yankees’ sorry ^sses. But I enjoy watching a guy like Swisher volunteer for an unenviable task like that. The fact that he ended up with far and away the best ERA on the team only adds to my enjoyment.

Even little things like knowing how much Jeff must have been squirming while the Pirates beat up his Cardinals on opening day gives me a thrill. However, my plan today is to return the favor, to introduce you all to the god of small things. And here it is, courtesy of YouTube. You don’t have to like the song or the format but you can’t help but smile when a dowdy, middle-aged woman who only asks to be given a chance finally gets it. Enjoy!


-Video via The Daily Dish



  1. redstatebluestate

    Got bigger things to squirm about these days, Al… like inured aces and depleted bullpens… y’know?

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