Some Dogs Go to Heaven

bo-obama.jpgDespite their usual relegation to fodder for debates on controversial testing and (disputed) lack of souls, animals have recently clawed themselves into the news for other reasons. For instance, you had to have been living under a rock to have missed the news about the new dog in the White House. Economic meltdown and Limbaugh inspired populism be damned! There’s much more important news to be discussed.

But it seems that our quadrupedal mammalian friends take an interest in more than just politics. Various baseball curses have been blamed on various animals over the years and considering the superstitious lot that seems drawn to baseball, it should come as no surprise. And recently these curse carrying vehicles of diabolical providence have once again reared their frightening and yet oh so soft and fluffy heads.

On opening night at Citi Field, a cat stole the show as the Mets fell to defeat and fans wondered if perhaps this was a sign.

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But even more disturbing for lovers of felines and haters of curses was the way a similar situation was handled at Wrigley Field this past week. Of course the video is no longer available as MLB, in its infinite wisdom, forced it off of YouTube but the controversy has continued as some objected to the handling of the animal by Wrigley Field security.

No matter what your thoughts might be on the rash of streaking cat incidents, it seems clear that these are not isolated events. Perhaps Douglas Adams had it wrong and it’s not the mice who are in charge, but rather the cats and they are trying to give us a sign. Either way, we here at RSBS will keep you posted on all important cat-based developments in baseball over the course of the season.

Happy Friday!



  1. Elizabeth D.

    I hope it’s not a bad sign. My neighbors have way too many cats… I’d say around eight. And they’re always in our yard, destroying plants and what not. I think it’s better than the roosters that my other neighbors would burn.

  2. roundrock15

    What I don’t get about all of this is that it’s not like it’s a zombie cat, who rose from a sarcophagus buried deep inside some catacombs in an ancient cat burial ground on which CitiField was built, angering the spirits of the Great Cat Warriors™.

    No, as great as that would be, that’s not the case. Someone *brought* that cat in. That isn’t bad luck – that’s bad security. Had that cat had a dirty bomb implanted in its skull, there’d be a great big hole on the North Side of Chicago (a great, merciful hole, at that.)

    It’s not as though cats are known for their love of being forced into confined spaces, so the question remains: How, exactly, does a person smuggle a cat *anywhere*, much less into a stadium populated by tens of thousands of people? Or does the cat, in fact, materialize from thin air?

  3. raysrenegade

    They always say that a cat is the more intelligent of the two animals. I am not sure of that, but then I am a dog guy.
    I do see the cat doing his manner of spying and thinking of ways to get the dog in trouble ala “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, but that just might be a drawn conclusion.
    I always thought a cat, not black crossing your path was good luck?
    As for the Cubbies mishandling of the feline situation, does that institute a new animal sensitivity training exercise for all stadium personnel? Could the human handling of rodents and flying insects be next? Soon we might have dogs and cats living together in co-habitation situations…………. the end of the reality as we know it………….Or we can hire someone from Wrigley to take one for the team.

    Rays Renegade

  4. redstatebluestate

    I think RR is right. Hire someone to take one for the team… er, like, Derek Lee, who has proven himself invaluable to the team.

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