But Do We Really Want Another Tony Kornheiser?

roger_goodell.jpgWord on the street is that the NFL is seriously discussing holding the Super Bowl in London sometime in the near future. Now, this should probably be taken with a grain of salt since the commissioner apparently has no knowledge of these negotiations. However, to be fair, the amount of stuff that Goodell doesn’t know could fill a couple oceans.

It just goes to show how global sports have become, though, even sports that we consider inherently American. The World Baseball Classic illustrated this a couple months ago and the coverage of Olympic basketball last summer outshone everything except Michael Phelps.

But if you ever had any doubts about the true worldwide saturation of sports, perhaps this will change your mind:

Yep, “Stick a fork in them, the run is over.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


-Video via Deadspin



  1. raysrenegade

    I am not into the Super Bowl leaving the confines and earthly boundaries of the United States. Okay, we play exhibition games in Japan and Europe, that is fine, but the biggest game of the year is for our soil.
    Guess that will go in line with their thinking of the 2010 NFL Draft starting on Primetime television with the first round from 8 pm to 11, then rounds 2 -? will be boradcast on Friday and Saturday.
    I understand football seeing baseball and thinking they can go gobal too, but the sport has too many varieties all over the world. It might confuse the masses in Australia, who love their Aussie Rules Football, or even some rugby players in western asia who have never seen helmets and pads on their guys.
    Keep it home for now. Global dominance will come in time. Ask David Beckham or Pele.

    Rays Renegade


  2. Lissi

    Were they speaking a mix of English and Chinese because I could only understand “Stick a fork in the, the run is over” and “are you kidding me?” Awesome.
    Why on earth would they hold the Super Bowl in London? How could that be considered a good move? Who would go? Europeans think American football is barbaric and just plain don’t get it.

  3. juliasrants

    I would NOT be in favor of the Super Bowl being played in England! That is just crazy. The rest of the world does not follow American Football like we do and why should anyone who wants to see the game have to leave the country to do so. This is just crazy.


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