Blocked by Barry: The Art of Being Dissed by an Overpaid Paragon of Mediocrity

barry zito loser.jpgIf I were making $126 million over seven years for a team that invested its future in me assuming I would be the one to anchor its pitching staff, I think I would probably focus on being a good pitcher.

But if it’s Barry Zito in that position — which it is — apparently none of that is important.

Dear readers, welcome to Zito’s World: a super hip fantasyland where losing 30 games in two seasons with a 4.84 ERA is worth every penny of that $126 million; a place where winning games in April is never a priority; an imaginative mirage where baseball meets Hollywood starlet meets aspiring rock star meets absolute shock that people would be just a wee bit vocal about his seemingly laissez faire attitude.

Look, there is no question that I have been a staunch critic of Mr. Zito.  Yes, I suggested his 2007 and 2008 pitching woes were rooted in his unprofessional preoccupation with movie star female companionship.  Yes, I coined the phrase “Zito Happens”.  Yes, I poked fun at his childish, uncensored Tweets which made him look foolish — pining for “cab cakes”.

But none of that seems to warrant the fact that Barry Zito — the millionaire pitcher who up to this point hasn’t done a very good job of making good on that Scott Boras super-contract — blocked me from his Twitter account.

Yes, that’s right, folks.  With over 10,000 followers on Twitter, Barry Zito took the precious time needed to block RSBS after April 23rd’s post

Juvenile as his actions are, I still cannot help but chuckle.  I mean, here I am lowly Joe Six-Pack, unpaid aspiring writer, committed MLBlogger and informed baseball fanatic, trying to get seen, be heard, find a voice…. and Barry Zito does me the grandiose favor of reading what I write and hating it enough to block me from his 10,000 plus following.

Now, I understand that being a multi-millionaire, playing the greatest game on earth for a living and personifying the American dream is probably really hard on the soul, Barry, but come on, don’t you think you deserve it?  Just a little bit maybe?  Yeah.  Yeah, you do.

Man up, Barry.  Get over yourself.  Do your job and people like me will have no choice but to shut up.

Until then, you will remain back-page fodder for the masses.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



P.S.  Barry may have blocked me from following him on Twitter, but I can still access his Tweets and laugh because they look like they’re written by a 12 year old as they tend to focus on the importance of Radiohead, farting in the shower and men layering with scarves.  Nice work, Barry.  Nice work.

P.S.S.  Despite the aforementioned aggravation I am experiencing from Zito’s actions, I am still living a good life, visiting Washington D.C., hanging out with one of my best friends and co-author Allen, ready to see the Cardinals play the Nats tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  Heading over to the White House now.  Pics/Story to follow.


  1. nwest33

    Gotta love it. I enjoy his tweets…although I have a hard time refraining from giving him with some bs. Weather he reads other people’s opinions or not, he should be expecting a little riff-raff especially the way his team is playing. I’m surprised he would go to great lengths to block anyone. If he get razzed online, he must be easily razzed when on the field. I’m really surprised after reading the previous posts about him, he would have blocked you. I know you’re right.

  2. PAUL

    I’ll make a mention of this so the members of my Beer Hall Putsch can cast Zito out as well; (drop me a note to remind me so I can definitely bring it up on Sunday unless Zito sees the outrage and reconsiders).
    You’re starting to sound like me, Jeff. Dunno if that’s good or bad; and one would think that Zito’s got other stuff to do. Are you sure he was the one who did it? He might have some flunky dealing with this stuff.
    And a Fulbright scholar shouldn’t be lumped in with a Sarah Palin reference—-a reference that’s sort of derogatory if you think about it—-Joe Six Pack.

  3. Jane Heller

    You’re famous, Jeff! I love it. Now you know how I felt when the Yankees rejected my ad for the book in their program – shut out. So get mad! If you can’t Tweet him then Facebook him! MySpace him! Hula him! (OK. I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  4. redstatebluestate

    nwest — I know. Hard to believe Zito would go to great lengths to do ANYTHING.
    Melissa — Yes. VERY special 😉
    Prince — We TRY to reach out to Republicans when we can… sometimes sarcastically, as in this case. And please bring it up at the meeting. Need all the help we can get.
    Jane — Zito isn’t quite the Yankees… unless you consider overspending for a bunch of crap to be the Yankees. Wait. No, you’re right. LOL.
    Jen — Apparently, a little sarcasm goes a LONG way. Good riddance, Barry!

  5. zelig888

    Aaron — Sounds good. See ya there!
    Paige — If Zito is good at anything, it’s LOSING.
    Sue — That’s very sweet of you 🙂
    Erin — I think the Nats’ pen is even WORSE than the Cubs’, if that’s possible.
    Roundrock — Indeed, ZITO = SAD.
    V — Huge step. Yes. Our goal is to be blocked by all Major Leaguers. With our track record, seems very doable.

  6. Greg

    That cracks me up. Haha, some day I strive to be that influencial that somebody (or stalkerish if it is some hot actress) will block me!!

    Here was his latest:

    “The evils of the world that confront me are a reflection of my own internal state, and no one can protect me from my own mind.”


    You are so good at putting people in their proper place with your endless use of the English language. Keep up the good work and maybe all of his millions will ease his fear of you.

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